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Summer is right around the corner! Between vacations, training and traveling, fitting in training time while away from your regular training schedule is difficult. Here are two ways you can continue your training while being away from home:

1) Use HIIT resistance equipment and methods to make the effort of swimming in a short pool equal or exceed the effort of swimming in a 25 yard pool.

2) Build swim-specific stroke technique and power with precise dryland exercises that you can take in a hotel room, office, or rental. Let’s dig into each of these methods so you can be prepared for business travel or vacation travel while still keeping your swim technique and power moving forward.

Train in ANY size pool!

Continue your training in any size pool. Lap Pool? Backyard Pool? Hotel Pool? Small Pool? Tethered Swimming? No problem! There is a program and workout plan for each pool type AND it is all bundled in ONE kit. HIIT Training Kits (HIIT Swim Kits – ONE Swim (swimmersbest.com)) let you train efficiently in any size pool. You can train in a shorter amount of time by training HIIT (high intensity interval training). This method builds the heart, cardio, and power, all while keeping your technique in check. Here is everything you need and get with the HIIT Kit.

  1. Free Full Workouts- Pre made – designed for swimmers BY swim coaches

This program provides you with a full platform of free workouts sorted by what pool you are using AND by what kit you have. This cuts down your prep time for your workouts. Each workout is around 15-30 mins long. This doesn’t sound like enough time BUT the intensity and resistance in the workouts provided, you will get the same results as a 1 hour session in the water.

  1. Video support 

Each exercise of the workout is supported with a video explanation so you are fully prepared to do each component. This video explains what to do as well as what NOT to do.

  1. Descriptions 

Like each exercise component has a video explanation, each exercise component has a written explanation as well. This serves as a reminder while you are in the set.

  1. The right equipment you need for each workout set

Each workout has a list of equipment you need for that workout. This helps you be organized and prepared for your workout. The kit will provide you with all of the equipment you need.

Train from your hotel room or rental home!

Training when you do not have a pool IS possible. You can train your exact high catch technique while also building the muscle chain of the high catch. A muscle chain is the muscle engagement of the movement. So the muscle chain of your high catch is a different chain compared to a push up or a pull up. To train your exact high catch muscle chain you have to have the right pieces of equipment and set up. With a short stretch cord and a Fingertip Paddle (Fingertip Engagement Paddle – ONE Swim (swimmersbest.com)), you can train the exact stroke movement. To make this easy to travel and easy set up that hooks over ANY doorway.  But you can mimic the technique and power of a wide range of your swim strokes with the right gear and methods.  Learn more about swim-specific dryland training here Swim Specific Dryland – ONE Swim (swimmersbest.com).

With the Swim Specific Dryland Kits (Swim Specific Dryland Kits – ONE Swim (swimmersbest.com)), you get a full workout plan based on the pieces of equipment you have. You can even create your own workouts to target your specific weak areas related to swimming.

For more information on dryland swim specific training, read this article (Busy Triathletes: How To Swim Without Water).



ONEswim.com is leading the way for the future of swim training equipment.  The company offers a broad range of solutions for improving stroke technique, kick technique, and breathing technique.   They provide swimmers, coaches, and teams with the tools they need to balance technique training with conditioning training.  By combining the best drills with the best tools, the SwimmersBest products give swimmers instant tactile feedback so they can adjust their technique efficiently. The old way of having coaches constantly remind swimmers of their individual problems has proven to offer very little improvement in technique.  All SwimmersBest products are designed to constantly ‘talk to the swimmers’ so they can feel the problems and make corrections. This unique approach means the swimmers are given negative feedback for incorrect stroke technique, which compels the swimmers to quickly correct the problem on their own. With a constant flow of new innovative product designs, SwimmersBest is a company that will continue to deliver solutions you need.






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