Open Water

Five-Person Group Successfully Crosses Kaulakahi Channel

Five swimmers from Ala Moana Beach Swim Club have successfully completed a group swim across the 27.3km Kaulakahi Channel in Hawaii.


EPIC SWIM Team Successfully Completes 54-Mile Relay Across Lake Michigan

On August 7, a six person relay team from EPIC SWIM team successfully completed a swim across Lake Michigan, which is the second-largest of the Great Lakes.


Florian Wellbrock Oro 10k In Germania Con Una Sola Settimana Di Allenamento

Florian Wellbrock ritorna in acqua dopo una sola settimana di allenamento e conquista il titolo ai Campionati tedeschi di nuoto in acque libere nella 10 km

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Wellbrock Takes 10k OW German Title After One Week Back

The 2020 German Open Water Championships kicked off today with two-time 2019 world champion Florian Wellbrock making his presence known.

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Paltrinieri Caps Italian OW C’ships With 5k Victory

Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri has something to celebrate, taking two of the three golds at his nation’s Open Water Championships.


Ancora Paltrinieri: A Marina Di Grosseto Gregorio Vince La 5 Km

Gregorio Paltrinieri vince il titolo italiano anche della 5 km dopo aver conquistato la 10 e la 2,5 nei primi due giorni di gare

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Assoluti Fondo: Aurora Ponselè Vince La 5 Km Femminile-Bruni Argento

Assoluti Fondo: Aurora Ponselè conquista la 5 km femminile a Marina Di Grosseto. Rachele Bruni è argento, mentre Bridi è bronzo nel podio assoluto

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Penrith To Host 2021 Australian Open Water Swimming Championships

The national competition will form a critical part of the men’s selection process for a spot in the 10km event at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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Kirill Abrosimov Places First in the 2020 Russian Open Water Swimming Cup

Russian open water swimmers got their first official national racing in open water last weekend at the Russian Open Water Cup.

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Former English Channel Record Holder Barry Watson Dies

British distance swimming legend and renowned coach has died. Watson held the English Channel record for nearly two decades.

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Fondo: A Piombino Gregorio Paltrinieri Titolo Assoluto Anche Nella 2.5 km

Fondo: A Piombino Marc Antoine Olivier primo nella classifica open. Gregorio Paltrinieri titolo assoluto anche nella 2.5 km

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Big Rick’s Chicks to Attempt Medley Relay Across the English Channel

Big Rick’s Chicks Swim Team will be attempting to become the first all-women’s medley relay to cross the English Channel on August 26.


Campionato Assoluto Fondo: Rachele Bruni Titolo Assoluto 2,5 Km

Campionato assoluto di fondo. Questa mattina la 2.5 km femminile vinta dalla russa Kiripichnikova. Rachele Bruni, seconda, conquista il titolo assoluto

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Nik Haynes Breaks WR for Swimming English Channel Backstroke

Nik Haynes has broken the world record for swimming the English Channel doing backstroke by swimming the 21 mile stretch in 12 hours, 52 minutes.


Paltrinieri Takes Italian 10k National Title Days After 1500 Euro Record

After knocking down a European Record in Sette Colli, Gregorio Paltrinieri wrapped up an Italian national title in the men’s 10k open water.