Noah Rucker Still Suspended; Not Yet Permanently Suspended After Plea

Noah Rucker, who earlier this week entered an Alford Plea on charges that he had inappropriate contact with a minor, is still undergoing his hearing procedure with USA Swimming, according to spokesperson Karen Linhart.

After the announcement of a plea to a misdemeanor charge that will likely result in a 6-month jail sentence, a banishment from contacting his accuser, and an agreement to not coach swimming, we reached out to USA Swimming for an update on Rucker’s status with the organization.

“Noah Rucker’s USA Swimming membership is currently suspended,” Linhart told us. When asked to clarify if that suspension was yet permanent, Linhart responded that “A “permanent” suspension would be an addition to the banned list.” Rucker’s name is still not on that list.

An ’emergency hearing’ was begun by USA Swimming in June, and those typically result in a much quicker result, one-way-or-another, for a decision on a permanent suspension or ineligibility. Linhart did confirm that Rucker’s hearing process is still on-going.

It would be interesting to hear what piece of evidence has given pause to the proceedings and if that same evidence are in any way related to the lighter charges that Rucker was able to plea to. For now, details that would give the answers to those questions have been hard to come by from any involved parties.

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Old timer
8 years ago

This is very sad. No doubt this man has caused significant long term damage to the children involved and their families.

Swim Coach
8 years ago

Who would hire him?

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