New York Breakers Isolating After Athlete Tests Positive for COVID-19

After one of its swimmers tested positive for COVID-19, the entire New York Breakers swim team will remain in isolation until at least Saturday, the International Swimming League announced.

The positive test occurred Thursday, on the first day of season three in Naples, Italy. The positive test was the only positive test among 300 tests, ISL authorities reported, and in accordance with ISL COVID-19 protocol and the instructions of Italian health officials, all swimmers and support staff from the team must remain in isolation until at least August 28. 

Early Saturday morning, each team member will be tested again, and those who test negative can exit isolation and enter the competition.

The New York Breakers are expected to begin competition August 28-29, so their final roster will likely have to be determined last-minute upon the results of the tests. The team sent 29 athletes to compete in Naples, a couple short of its 32-person original roster. The club already lost out on a few of its key swimmers this season, including part-owner Michael Andrew, David Popovici, James Wilby, Emily Escobedo, and Felix Auboeck.

The Breakers do have a few key swimmers that could make waves, provided they’re able to compete. IM specialist Abbie Wood is the No. 4-ranked woman in the league, and Tokyo Olympics 400 IM bronze medalist Brendon Smith is another crucial option. Philip Heintz, Sarah Vasey, Tes Schouten, and Molly Renshaw also add to the team’s strengths.

The team finished seventh out of eight teams in the 2019 ISL and eighth out 10 teams in 2020. Martin Truijens is serving as the team’s general manager for season 3, replacing team part-owner Tina Andrew.

Italy has reported over 7,000 new COVID-19 cases in the past day, and has had over 4.5 million cases total since the start of the pandemic. In the Campania region of Italy, where Naples is located, there have been over 500 new cases in the past day. 

ISL officials will provide another update Saturday morning, the league said.

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1 year ago

Italy is a country of 60 million and Florida is a state of 20 million. Florida and Texas have been having 15000-20000 cases per day!

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago


Chineeese boy
Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

Ok boomer

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

Weird comparison

Chineeese boy
1 year ago

This is Andrew’s fault

Mama mia
1 year ago

Popovici will compete from the semis on. Check his Brett Hawke podcast.

Reply to  Mama mia
1 year ago

Will Breakers make it to the semis though?

Reply to  whever
1 year ago

It’s not looking promising.

Besides who is on their roster, they have a very short team for the regular season – and with at least one out for this first meet with COVID (and maybe the second meet too?) that gets even shorter. Just the strain of not having enough swimmers hurts a team in this compact format.

With Aqua looking much better than last season so far, and Hoffer struggling, current projection would be DC and NYB as the teams missing the playoffs.

But, since these early meets almost don’t matter so long as you show up and swim fast in the play-in meet, maybe they’ll get some fresh bodies for that and sneak in.

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
1 year ago

Well, this is deeply ironic.

1 year ago

MA somewhere in hawaii smiling and saying “yew” rn

1 year ago

If MA was swimming this season I’m sure he would instantly be targeted

Stop breaking quarantine!
1 year ago

Guys come one! >:(

1 year ago

Team novax