Nerding Out: Updated Long Course Meters NAG Record Progressions

  24 Morgan Priestley | June 17th, 2014 | National, News

After we published our updated SCY National Age Group record progression list a couple weeks ago, we’re back with an updated version of our long course records.

Much like our short course version, we’ve worked on filling in the holes from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.  Once again, we have embedded a spreadsheet below from all of the existing data we have available.  In addition, we included the swimmer’s total number of Olympic medals in the righthand columns.

See any errors or omissions?  Feel free to leave them in the comments section, and we’ll address them/extend our gratitude for the assistance.


Again, like we did with our short course yards rankings a couple weeks ago, we examined the number of NAG records set over time, broken down by age group beginning in the 1980′s.  Interestingly, if we look at the total number of records by decade again, we see very different results from our short course record tracking tables:

Since 2010 2000-2009 1990-1999 1980-1989 2008-2009* Total # of Records
17-18 Boys 5 20 10 25 2


17-18 Girls

10 18 11 22 6 61
15-16 boys 8 13 18 28 4


15-16 girls

9 10 8 29 4 56
13-14 boys 11 10 11 19 3


13-14 girls

3 12 11 17 7 43
11-12 boys 10 30 10 22 6


11-12 girls

9 15 27 13 4 64
Total # of Records 65 128 106 175


In summary:

  • The overall number of long course records (474) set since 1980 is nearly 25% less than the number of short course records (617) set in that same time period.
  • The biggest difference between the number of long course and short course records are in the younger ranks (11-12 girls, 11-12 boys, and 13-14 boys).
  • While we’ve seen 143 short course NAG records since the turn of the decade, we’ve only seen 65 long course records in the same time period.  Although we technically have had just four long course summer seasons (we’ve had five short course taper periods), it’s unlikely that we’ll get within 50 of the short course title before the end of 2015.
  • While we saw 52 short course NAG records go down in the “supersuit” era of 2008-2009, only 36 long course records fell in that same time period.
  • The 13-14 girls had easily the fewest number of records fall since 1980, largely because of the absurd standards set by once-in-a-lifetime athletes just a couple years earlier.  Between 1977-1979, Tracy Caulkins, Mary T. Meagher, and Sippy Woodhead set records in 10 of 14 events in the age group, which stood for an average of greater than 20 years.  Five of them lasted for more than 30 years, and three of them still stand.

See anything else of note?  Let us know!

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This is fascinating stuff. I noticed some errors in the medal count columns in the 11-12 boys both Fred Tyler and john Kinsella were on the Gold Medal winning 4 X 200 Free Relay in Munich in 1972. I haven’t checked the other age groups yet

No disagreement really, but I’m counting on Simone Manuel to make some good time drops in the 50/100 free by 2016. I’m also hoping Mann, Hu/Bayer will do well in the 200 fly. Without Vollmer, I’m hoping McLaughlin will really shine. I think it’s more realistic to expect improvement from NAG best to international caliber in very young women than men. I guess I was being generous to Mr Nolan, but he was a NAG level competitor with a lot of the big young stars coming up on the US men’s team. I feel confident that the US system will churn out some new 200 free athletes, and I think Dwyer is going to surprise us with his Olympic performance.… Read more »
PS: I was “needing out” to see who had made the biggest time drops in setting their records and I noticed an error in the 13-14 girls 200 breast that needs to be corrected as well as the 15-16 girls 100 breast. I also noticed Beth Botsford’s and Kaylin Keller’s names misspelled somewhere. Wow, Jesse Vassallo broke the 13-14 1500 free record by a wopping 39.85 seconds! No wonder it still stands today! Maybe Tracy Caulkins drop of 24.28 seconds in the 13-14 girls 400 IM is even more impressive. Also, Katie Ledecky breaking Janet Evans 15-16 girls 1500 free record by 15.57 seconds is amazing when you consider it stood for 25 years, plus the fact that Janet had… Read more »

You are courageous to make predictions about Michael Andrew. :mrgreen:
Usually I like doing crazy predictions and sometimes it happens as I expected (Katie Ledecky in 2011), but about Mr Andrew I’m unable to predict anything right now.
I don’t see anything in my crystal ball. 🙂
I content myself by watching him develop since 2010 and it’s fun like that!


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