NCAA D1 Council Tables Most Pending Legislation Proposals

The NCAA Division I Council tabled most pending legislation for the 2021-22 legislative cycle at its meeting on April 13, approving one proposal while putting the rest up for review to be revisited at its next meeting in May.

The Council’s members approved the recommendation from the Division I Legislative Committee to table the majority of the pending legislative items based on the current work of the Division I Transformation Committee and the Division I Legislative Committee Modernization of the Rules Subcommittee.

The items were tabled as the work of the Transformation and Modernization Committees could end up rendering any changes moot.

Among the items tabled was removing the five-visit limit for NCAA recruiting. The College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) said in its weekly newsletter that early indications are that the two committees are discussing whether the NCAA should be involved in areas such as regulating recruiting and limiting the size of coaching staffs.

The one item that was adopted was a noncontroversial time-sensitive legislative proposal in football relating to summer athletic activity.

The Council tasked the Legislative Committee with reviewing the tabled proposals and recommending certain proposals for consideration at its upcoming meetings in May and June. These would be topics that don’t conflict with the work being done by the Transformation Committee.

“We reached consensus that we shouldn’t move forward on legislation that may not be implemented or may be effective for a limited time due to work being done in the Transformation Committee,” said Shane Lyons, athletics director at West Virginia and chair of the Council, according to the NCAA.

“We will review the legislative slate and move forward with voting on certain proposals at our upcoming meetings.”

The Transformation Committee has a self-imposed deadline of August 1.

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