NAG Record-Holder Ilya Kharun Swam 60×100 @ 1:02 With Sandpipers (Podcast)

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We sat down with NAG record-holder and surprise breakout star of the Speedo Winter Jr Champs, Ilya Kharun of the Sandpipers of Nevada. Ilya takes us through his evolution in the pool and with the sandpipers, shedding light on his monumental drop from 1:56 to 1:42 in the 200 fly in the 2021 calendar year. He also discusses his commitment to Arizona State and training with the Sandpipers’ top group, including a set they did recently, 60×100 on your choice of interval, Ilya choosing 1:02.


Music: Otis McDonald


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not american
4 days ago

i’m assuming he did this SCY?

Irish Ringer
Reply to  not american
4 days ago

Surprisingly, it was SCM and you would think after beating it by 6 seconds you would have heard something about it.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Irish Ringer
4 days ago

No way he did it SCM

Big Mac #1
Reply to  not american
4 days ago


4 days ago

“Of their choosing”

What a boss.

Big Mac #1
Reply to  2Fat4Speed
4 days ago

The faster you pick the faster you get out

4 days ago

You’re telling me this man chose 1:02 as his interval? He is a badass! Best of luck Ilya… you’re destined for great things!

Reply to  YourLocalD3Swimmer
3 days ago

He also did 40×100 on 101 the following week with his buddy Brice B.

4 days ago

Sandpipers is a great team.

4 days ago

child’s play. I did 6×50 on 1:00. One round. Ascend 1-6. Start easy and see how slow you can go while still making the interval.

Reply to  dude
4 days ago

One time on taper, our coach had us do 2×25’s as slow as you could go while still maintaining some forward momentum. The team record was a 1:17. Actually really hard to swim that slow and still move forward

Big Mac #1
Reply to  PVSFree
4 days ago

Emiliano llano 2:14.00 50 free LCM at pan-American masters. I think it is impressive at 91 but a 96 year old went 47.63 at the same meet.

Scotty P
4 days ago

Ron Aitken
Master Club Architect.

4 days ago

Old School. I was a pure speed guy, and the proudest moment of training career was breaking 60 minutes in a 6000 race! Love hearing about sets like this.

Ben dover
4 days ago

we do 100x100s @1:00 every sunday at practice, SCM here in italy

Reply to  Ben dover
4 days ago

No, you dont

Here Comes Lezak
Reply to  Mclovin
4 days ago

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