Mizuno GX-Sonic V Debuts January 2020 in U.S. Market

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December 09th, 2019 Gear, Training

Mizuno, a global leader in sporting goods and apparel, introduced the Mizuno GX-Sonic V, the next evolution of acclaimed elite racing tech suit series known as the “Mizuno suit,” to the U.S. market today. Initially introduced in Japan, the Mizuno suit is now available for pre-order at mizunousa.com followed by official release in January 2020.

“The GX-Sonic V is the best Mizuno suit to date,” said Blake Pieroni, Olympian and Mizuno Athlete. “Mizuno worked alongside myself and many other athletes to develop this product. It is clear that Mizuno understands the importance of race day and built this product to create optimal speed.”

Pieroni, shows off the sleek lines and performance of the Mizuno GX-Sonic V suit in the global campaign video. He is joined by a strong roster of Mizuno sponsored athletes globally, including Reona Aoki (Mizuno), Yui Ohashi (Itoman Toshin) and Ippei Watanabe (TOYOTA), the GX-Sonic V is destined to make an impact at global competitions and in Tokyo next year.

“This is perfect timing for the release of the GX-Sonic V with swimming taking the spotlight at a global stage in 2020,” said Tomohiro Ota, Chief Marketing Officer at Mizuno USA. “The suit has become synonymous with speed and continues to keep speed at the forefront of its design. The Mizuno suit will continue to lead the charge on the block at global competitions, just as it has been in previous years. We are excited to be able deliver the premium performance gear to swimmers in the U.S. and around the world.”

Designed off the “flat swimming” concept, the GX-Sonic series tech suit helps maintain a flat streamlined posture through the entire kick cycle by providing support to the internal rotation of the legs. The newly designed taping structure technology, SONIC LINE DESIGN –X*3, encourages a tight, more streamlined posture resulting in less drag and more efficiency. The women’s GX-Sonic V extends SONIC LINE DESIGN technology, through the upper torso and lower thigh to provided added support to the core to further enhance the performance benefit to the female swimmer.*4 The GX-Sonic V will be available in Sprinter (ST) and Multi-Racer (MR) models in both men’s and women’s models.

*3 Posture support structure with high-tension material distributed in a cross from the waist on the back of the thigh to the middle of the thigh.
*4 Patent pending as of November 19th, 2019 on the cross shape support structure for abdominal area.

The most significant update introduced in the GX-Sonic V is a new water repellant material technology, Sonic Light Ribtex UW. First of its kind, the new patent-pending material is designed to increase water repellency and with a structure that reduces water friction. The material prevents water from penetrating the suit’s fabric resulting in higher body position and opportunity for propulsion-efficient swimming with minimum resistance. Compared to previous model, Sonic Light Ribtex UW reduces weight in the water for swimmers by 20% .*5 Patent pending as of November 20th, 2019, on the technology to prevent water penetration into the swimsuits fabric

Mizuno has a long tenured history in swim with the first Mizuno swimsuits introduced around 1914. At the time, swimsuits were made of knit materials made of 100% nylon which offered stretch laterally however did not stretch longitudinally. Continuing to seek improved performance, Mizuno introduced swimsuits made of polyurethane strings with large open cuts at the back in 1976. These modifications increased stretch both laterally and longitudinally to provide better mobility and improved water resistance for swimmers. The evolution of Mizuno swim gear is most notably recognized with the advancement of scientific approaches measuring water resistance introduced into the R&D process starting in 1988. These advancements further accelerated Mizuno the 2011 introduction of the first GX-Sonic series developed with a concept of “flat swimming” concept. Of late, the “Mizuno suit” has become a top choice for professional swimmers at global competitions.

For more information about Mizuno swim products available in the U.S. visit MizunoUSA.com. Follow @MizunoSwimNorthAmerica for the latest swim news and product releases.

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