Michael Andrew Breaks 200 SCY Backstroke National Age Group Record in Clearwater

  72 Braden Keith | April 16th, 2014 | Club, National, News

Michael Andrew has broken yet another National Age Group Record in Florida while swimming at the NASA Showcase Classic in Clearwater this weekend. This meet will be his last as a 13-14 before aging up (his birthday comes on Friday, but by USA Swimming rules, as a 14-year old at the meet’s start, his records count for 13-14’s).

Andrew started his meet out with a 1:44.02 in the 200 yard backstroke, which takes a full second off of his own record of 1:45.14 set at the Jenks Sectional in early March.

Andrew now sits well out in front of the all-time top 5 in this event among 13-14’s:

  1. Michael Andrew, 1:44.02
  2. Benjamin Ho, 1:45.73
  3. Ethan Young, 1:46.56
  4. Ryan Murphy, 1:46.67
  5. Jack Conger, 1:46.82

He’s still about three seconds away from Ryan Murphy’s 15-16 record in the event.

Andrew has particular motivation this week, as his grandparents have made the trip in from South Africa to watch him swim – the first time they’ve seen him race since his star has grown so large.

More context to come when he officially ages up.

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Happy Bday Michael!

The greatest year of swimming by a 14 year old ever in the history of the planet!!

Thanks for all your hard work and even more impressive, your willingness to give back. You and your family gladly share how you destroy records and competitors.

Thanks for helping start the USRPT/Ultimate Swimmer Revolution. Thanks for showing us you can be really fast, have a balanced life, love God and love others!

We are excited to support you this next year too. In the meantime, have an awesome day!!!

Tim Morrison

ALL agegroupers with quantum leap growth spurts/performances see other of their competitors who haven’t had said growth catch up to some degree.
But 1. highly unlikely that any of his current agegroupers will match him lol….and 2. that leveling has nothing to do with USRPT….other than the fact that if they’re on conventional high-volume work they’re just being held back to some degree now.
Interesting will be his/USRPT athlete’s choice of college program. I trained swimmers with predominantly low volume high intensity work for years , and sadly they didn’t have much luck when going to higher volume collegiate training….if for no other reason psychologically….having to put up with swimming like shit in season compared to previous experiences.

I can see how finding a college program would be really tough for a race pace athlete. Do really well until 18 when you go to college, then you stop improving because of the high volume/exhaustion. Your college coach says it’s because you didn’t “build the aerobic base” when you were 14, when you probably would have kept improving if you’d stayed with a fast program. That definitely adds confusion to the capacity vs. utilization debate.

If the time converter on this site is to be relied upon, the finals time is the equivalent of a 1:56 LC. I tend to use a different converter which is more realistic, but it is what it is…


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