Michael Andrew, 14 Years Old, Explains Going Pro, Video Interview

Michael Andrew sat down with SwimSwam contributor and co-founder, Garrett McCaffrey, to explain why he has chosen to turn pro at 14 years old.

From Braden Keith’s feature story, Michael Andrew Turns Pro, Youngest in US History:

Late Sunday evening, fourteen year old swimming phenom, Michael Andrew, signed his first endorsement deal, officially making him the youngest swimmer in United States history to turn professional.

Andrew hasn’t been fourteen long. His birthday was April 18th, and just last weekend in Iowa City he became the fastest 13-14 year old over the 50 meter freestyle in American history with a 23.47. That’s the 11th National Age Group (NAG) Record he holds, and he’s broken 32 NAG Records since he started making waves in the pool.

Andrew’s 50 free time ranks him 59th in the nation among all elite males. A few female swimmers, similar in age, rank higher, but women have historically developed faster than men in the sport of swimming. It’s highly unusal for boys to crack the top 60 in the country at 14 years old. The next-closest ranked 14 year old boy is #167.

Andrew has been the source of much intrigue over the last four years. His product endorsement, the youngest ever signed by an American swimmer, will only serve to further increase the buzz, mystique, and hype surrounding the talented young swimmer.  With only one exception among the male ranks, Michael Phelps, the path to elite swimming in the United States has traditionally taken swimmers through the collegiate ranks. With this decision, Andrew will now be ineligible to swim either in high school or NCAA collegiate competition.

Andrew has signed with P2 Life, a high-performance nutrition supplement manufacturer. Terms of the agreement are confidential.

Complete coverage of Michael Andrew turning pro here. 

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bobo gigi

We had LeBron James and “The Decision”. We now have Michael Andrew! Good luck to him!


More great publicity for Michael Andrew… sainthood is just around the corner.

Steve Nolan

Lol, this is nuts. (Is that a parrot?) And holy crap he keeps talking about God. I’m getting mo…OH MY GOD HE NAMED THE PARROT RIO. The further I get into this video the more scared I get. It’s much more likely this goes poorly than it goes well, right? It’s like buying a lottery ticket – you hope it works out well, but odds are it’s not gonna win. And that’s not a knock against going pro early or anything – feel like Missy Franklin could’ve gone pro two years ago and been totally fine. But this kid just ain’t there yet, ya know? Still needs to develop so much before he’s at that international-level. I’m not rooting against… Read more »

Randall Flagg

So he’s talking about God. Would you rather have him talk about the Dark Man?

Steve Nolan

Nah I mean, talk about whatever ya want. It was just real awkwardly jammed in there the first time he brought it up, then he went back to it another couple times. I dunno, it was weird.


OMG (no pun intended). This is sad – a 14 that is going to spread the word of the Lord during swim meets? Last I checked, there were churches for that sort of thing. To each his/her own……….don’t push it on the rest of us.
All the luck to this ‘kid’. I hope he goes forward and gets an education. Funny the talk about ‘this is just swimming’…………if so, then just swim!
Very strange and sad all at once.

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