Germany announces team for Mare Nostrum series 2016

The Video  is courtesy of the CN Sant Andreu Youtube page.

Mare nostrum tour 2016

The German Swimming Association (DSV) announced the swimmers for the Mare Nostrum Tour 2016 in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Canet-en-Roussillon, France and Barcelona, Spain.

Short reminder of German Olympic qualification procedure: The 2016 German National Championships were the first part of a two-step nomination procedure for the Olympic Games. The athletes had to swim defined times at National Championships in prelims and in finals. All swimmers who achieved the times will be part of the so-called “long list” and informed German Head Coach Henning Lambertz in the period of one week after German Nationals in which meet they want to confirm the required performance of the nomination process: at one of the three meets of the Mare Nostrum tour or the German Open. They can only choose ONE of these four possibilities. For this meet, other times are set which are approximately 1,5 % slower than those at German nationals. All swimmers who reach the times and have also finished first or second at the German National Championships will qualify for Rio.

Pool Canet en Roussillon, France, Mare Nostrum Tour (photo: Georges Kiehl)

Pool Canet en Roussillon, France, Mare Nostrum Tour (photo: Georges Kiehl)


The upcoming Mare Nostrum Tour with three stops is one possibility for the pre-qualified German swimmers to get the ticket to Rio. But it hasn’t been reported by the German Swimming Asscociation (DSV) which swimmer will try to qualify finally for Rio at which meet.

German Olympic Nomination, Part 2 – target times for one meet of the Mare Nostrum Tour or the German Open:

Women Men
Prelims Finals Event Finals Prelims 
00:25,60 00:25,31 50m Freestyle 00:22,60 00:22,85
00:55,91 00:55,23 100m Freestyle 00:49,54 00:49,86
02:01,14 02:00,04

200m Freestyle

01:48,78 01:49,80
04:17,23 04:12,82 400m Freestyle 03:50,90 03:53,49
08:41,03 800m Freestyle
1500m Freestyle 15:15,91
01:08,83 01:08,33 100m Breast 01:00,91 01:01,54
02:28,60 02:27,05 200m Breast 02:12,39 02:14,31
01:01,82 01:01,15 100m Back 00:54,73 00:55,16
02:14,12 02:12,35 200m Back 01:59,79 02:00,84
00:59,65 00:59,23 100m Fly 00:52,72 00:53,17
02:13,04 02:11,10 200m Fly  01:58,07 01:59,97
02:16,13 02:14,90 200m IM 02:01,43 02:02,87
04:48,78 04:43,14 400m IM 04:20,22 04:23,09

These are the swimmers who will have a chance to represent Germany in Rio – the swimmers on the “German Rio long list”: (individual events)

Dorothea Brandt, 50 m free
Franziska Hentke, 200 m fly, 400 m IM
Alexandra Wenk, 200 m IM, 100 m fly
Sarah Köhler, 400 m, 800 m free
Lisa Graf, 200 m backstroke
Leonie Antonia Beck, 800 m free


Damian Wierling, 50 m free
Paul Biedermann, 200 m free
Florian Vogel, 200 m and 400 m free
Christoph Fildebrandt, 200 m free
Marco Koch, 200 m breaststroke
Jan-Philip Glania, 100 m and 200 m backstroke
Christian Diener, 200 m backstroke
Florian Wellbrock, 1500 m free
Philip Heintz, 200 m IM
Jacob Heidtmann, 400 m IM
Johannes Hintze, 400 m IM

In addition there are swimmers who can make it to Rio in the relays like Marco di Carli in the 100 m freestyle, Steffen Deibler in the 100 m butterfly.

These are the German athletes who will start at the Mare Nostrum Tour:


Paul Biedermann , Dorothea Brandt, Hendrik Feldwehr, Steffen Deibler, Philip Heintz, Johannes Hintze, Marco Koch, Clemens Rapp

Canet and Barcelona:
Leonie Antonia Beck, Dorothea Brandt, Annika Bruhn, Steffen Deibler, Christian Diener, Hendrik Feldwehr, Christoph Fildebrandt, Jan-Philip Glania , Lisa Graf, Jacob Heidtmann, Franziska Hentke (only Canet), Marco Koch, Yannick Lebherz, Antonia Massone, Jenny Mensing (SC Wiesbaden 1911), Paulina Schmiedel, Florian Vogel, Christian vom Lehn, Florian Wellbrock (only Canet), Alexandra Wenk, Damian Wierling, Poul Zellmann







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Scrooge McDuck
5 years ago

Can they choose their ONE meet retroactively?

Daniela Kapser
Reply to  Scrooge McDuck
5 years ago

No only in advance