Madisyn Cox on Arena’s 2-Piece Carbon Duo for Women: “It’s Groundbreaking”

Courtesy: arena, a SwimSwam partner. 

The Carbon Duo grew out of arena’s recognition that the female figure comes in many different shapes and sizes. Upper and lower body proportions differ from one swimmer to another, thus requiring different upper and lower body compression levels to feel 100% comfortable and optimize performance. However, the “one-size fits all” designs of one-piece suits cannot cater to every body shape or swimmer’s preference, and as a result women frequently need to compromise on either fit or compression.

With the Carbon Duo, the top and bottom parts of the suit can be mixed and matched according to the swimmer’s body shape, which means that the athlete no longer needs to compromise on compression, comfort, or size – they can simply choose their preferred size on the top or bottom to customize the fit that best meets their needs. Women can also mix-and-match top and bottom colors for a truly personalized look and feel.

During her time testing the suit, world championship medalist Madisyn Cox admitted that going into it for the first time, she didn’t know what to expect. Once she got both pieces on comfortably, however, it was a different story. Cox said after the first swim, she’s totally bought in and thinks it’s a “genius idea”. Cox has been racing in the suit since April, throwing up lifetime bests in multiple events throughout the spring.

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1 year ago

If Arena could just incorporate a Comfort Strap like Speedo…. could be a game changer.

1 year ago

Ok but does this not violate the two tech suit rule? I mean it is two performance suits…

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Swimmer
1 year ago

Ya, idk what weird rule cutout they needed to get this approved.

1 year ago

Just $250! Oh that’s per piece…

Gina UK
Reply to  dmswim
1 year ago

That’s a lot. Is she an Arena sponsored athlete? If she is, she’s bound to say great things about the suits. I remember people raving about the Speedo Fastskin3 system in 2011/2012 that didn’t really prove popular. I’d prefer to see what happens in an elite competition before buying this.

Right Dude Here
Reply to  Gina UK
1 year ago

Unpopular Opinion, I loved the FS3. And I promise I was never good enough to be sponsored by anyone.

Reply to  Gina UK
1 year ago

Yes, she is a sponsored athlete.