London 2012 Official Song, Good or Bad, You Decide

  28 Gold Medal Mel Stewart | July 07th, 2012 | Lifestyle, London 2012 Olympics

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not sure which one i am more confused by…this one or the chloe sutton ad…either way, ugh. their must be a better way to incorporate commercialism? out anders holm on the staff as the chief editor of these things? someone with knowledge and taste anyway…not just a business & marketing major. i remember when There is Nothing Left to Loose came out by Foo Fighters and that being basically the sound track of the 2000 games…isn’t there anything else like that available? heartfelt, inspiring, edgy, and commercial all at the same time?

Great video but sounds like a bad attempt at mixing Queen and an 80s hair band to me.

It’s like the Sutton video, just turn off the sound and enjoy the visuals.


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