Lochte Raps To ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ Before 200 IM

The 2015 Duel in the Pool DJ was on point this weekend, as Mr. Ryan Lochte himself can attest.  When walking out and getting ready behind the blocks before his 200 IM race, Lochte was able to rap along to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice, Ice Baby’. By the looks of it, Lochte knows all the words, rapping along to the jam as the swimmers got set.

Lochte went on to register the swiftest time of the field, but pulled a DQ from the race due to his innovative, yet FINA-deemed illegal ‘Lochte Turn’ in the freestyle leg. Still, Lochte’s antics both in and out of the pool only further justify why he’s one of the sports most beloved athletes.


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5 years ago

I saw that funny dance from Ryan but i am not sure at all it was before the 200 IM – but i think it was before the 200 free . He suddenly realized they others were ready so he did quickly adjust his googles and got ready – so coooool

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