Le Clos, Famous for Beating Phelps, To Pen Story for Penguin Books

“Chad le Clos, the South African swimming star who famously topped Michael Phelps in the 200 butterfly, will pen his story for Penguin Books.” (Photo Credit: Arena/LaPress)


Top 12 List, Updated: Who Has The Most Klout in the Sport of Swimming

“Olympic Champion, Nathan Adrian, is making a big impact in social media, his Klout Score rising fast since the London Olympic Games.” (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


Wozny: Not All Pools Are Created Equal

A pool is more than four walls and some water. Every pool has a special meaning and feeling to each of us. (Photo: Tim Binning/


The Right Reasons for Choosing a College

“With April 17th fast approaching many seniors are struggling to make one of the most important decisions of their life; where they will attend college.” (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


Olympic Swimming Champion, Missy Franklin, Picks Up Trash

Photo Credit: Christo Brock and Grant Barbeito, Touch the Wall


The View From Behind the Basket (AKA – The Best Birthday Present Ever)

Abby Brown Stroehmeier got the coolest 11th birthday present of anyone on her block. Her parents put her to work for her 11th birthday…but she wasn’t complaining.


Anthony Ervin Dry Humor Romance Film, Worth a look

This is an old video, something Olympic gold medalist Anthony Ervin participated in over a year ago. If you haven’t…

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How to Make a Massive Swim Cap

If, for any reason, you have not made a massive swim cap, it is time to get started. (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

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Rebecca Adlington announcing her engagement to Harry Needs

On February 5th 2008 double Olympic gold medallist and 2012 double Olympic bronze medallist Rebecca Adlington announced her retirement and…

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D & G Sell Out to the Talkies?

Speaking of bad ideas…video?

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Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn Joyce Debate Olympic Rings Tattoos

Kara Lynn Joyce debates Missy Franklin, who’s taking an ice bath, on Olympic rings tattoos. (Photo Credit: Touch The Wall)


Win An Exclusive Visit From Olympic Gold Medalist Ricky Berens

“Ricky Berens is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the 200 yard freestyle American Record Holder.” (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

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Olympic Swimming 2.0, Are You With Us?

Michael Phelps grabs a digital photo during the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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Stories from the Pool, Jason Lezak, Part Two

Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures

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