Olympic village insider scoop

What is it like in the Olympic village? Katrina interviews 3 Olympic backstrokers: Bob Jackson, Peter Rocca, and John Naber,…


4-time Olympian on boycott, title nine, and pro athletes

Jill Sterkel, four-time Olympian shares what it was like to deal with the Olympic boycott, competing against steroid-users, and  changes…

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Superstitions and beliefs – Olympic rituals

This is part two of my interview with Olympic Gold Medalist, Nelson Diebel. He shares how he had to change…

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3 Olympic backstrokers – friends and competitors?

Dear Katrina, What is it like when you have to race your friends and main competitors in practice? To partially…

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2nd Attack on Swimmers, This Time a Beaver

MAIL ONLINE: “Annabella Radnovich and her 11-year-old sister, Alyssa, were playing with their cousins at Lake Anna in Virginia’s Spotsylvania County when the 65 pound animal bit and scratched their legs.”


Colleges? If I’m Good Enough, They Will Come

“Don’t count on just completing an online questionnaire to put you solidly in the recruiting pool. College coaches are very busy these days…” (Photo Courtesy: ©Tim Binning/


Matt Farrell and Kara Lynn Joyce Graciously Stop By

Garrett’s interview was better, he knows it, so do you. But we also have Matt Farrell with us, the Ice Loves Coco of sports marketing for USA Swimming, a true genius. Stop by, you might learn something.

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Bolles Alum Organizes Fundraiser For Clare Blackwell

Photo of Clare Blackwell and the Bolles coaching staff courtesy: Jason Calanog


Olympic Trials to the Olympic Games Part II

“There are many swimmers that struggle to repeat their performance from the Olympic Trials at the Olympic Games and even fewer that exceed it.”


What does the Olympic Manager job entail?

First ever female Olympic Manager, Bev Montrella shares what managers do and how they help the athletes and team be…


The Gooder Column

Smell the improvement, as this one is worth reading, we swear. Seriously, give it a shot. We know the last few were bad, but everyone deserves a second chance-month.


Otter Attacks Swimmer

“In the middle of the lake north of Duluth, the triathlete struggled as the animal sunk its needle-sharp teeth into her legs, feet and back, leaving 25 bite marks, some 2 inches deep.”


Dear Katrina asks Nelson Diebel what challenges Olympians faced?

Dear Katrina, What challenges have Olympians faced in training? I interviewed Nelson Diebel, Olympic Gold Medalist, who shares one time…


US Olympians on Twitter: The Complete List

Read how to follow all of the Twitters and Tweeters of the US Olympic Swim Team (Photo of the Olympic Team announcement ceremony courtesy: ©Tim Binning/


What steps did you take to make the Olympic Team? Olympian Roque Santos’ story.

Dear Katrina, What steps did you take to make the Olympic Team? Every Olympian has their own story. Here is…