Lea Maurer Resigns as Stanford Women’s Head Coach

Stanford has lost their second head coach of the summer today, as women’s head coach Lea Maurer has resigned her position at the helm of her alma mater to “spend more time with her family”.

“There is not a day that goes by that my connection to Stanford does not have an impact on my life.  The Stanford community is a special place bound together by a group of people pursuing dreams in so many areas.  I will always be a part of that community and am honored to share the connection with the women I’ve brought in, my teammates when I swam here, my husband, Erik, who I met here and so many others that are a part of my Stanford family.” said Maurer of the decision.

Maurer’s husband Erik has been a volunteer assistant with the program since she took over the program 7 years ago; together they have led the Cardinal to 7-straight top-5 finishes at NCAA’s. Erik is a principal at a venture capital and private equity firm in the San Francisco area.

The Cardinal finished 4th at last year’s NCAA Championships, and were within 100 points of rivals Cal, who won the title.

The Stanford women didn’t have a great Olympic Trials meet, though they weren’t bad either. Their best shot at the Olympic Team was Elaine Breeden, who looked very good through two rounds of the 100 fly but couldn’t put things together in the final. They failed to put a swimmer on the Olympic Team for the first time since 1952.

Sources tell us that this was a total surprise to most around the program, this was a totally unexpected move headed into Olympic Trials, and that the athletes were only informed of the decision today.

This now leaves two major openings in the college scene, as Jim Richardson has still not been replaced at the University of Michigan.

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Asher Green
8 years ago

My interactions with Lea and Erik have been consistently positive and they’ve done a nice job in their seven years at Stanford. I hope that this is one of those rare legitimate resignations instead of just another ousted coach following the same old script. I wish them both the best whether it be in coaching or not. This is another massive coaching opportunity like that at Texas, replete with resources and tradition as well as nearly-unmatched pressure to perform. I wonder who will take the helm?

8 years ago

Good luck to you Lea! Maybe now you’ll have some time to swim with us at Noon Masters. : -)

There will be a lot of changes in and around the Stanford Pool in the next few months. Men’s Head coach Skip Kenney’s gone. Synchro coach Heather Pease-Polsen just resigned (she was 1996 Olympic gold synchro winner). And Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby resigned last month to become Big 12 commissioner.

ken baker
8 years ago

Stanford or Michigan should consider a younger coach who can keep swimmers who have made a commitment to the University. Both Michigan and Stanford praise themselves on academics, but there is a strong competitive feel as well, with both schools showing outstanding promise. They should consider someone who has NCAA experience and has built a reputation with women who are willing to work hard. Paul Yetter would be someone to consider. He was at Auburn and recruited the #1 female high school swimmer to come there, but when issues came up between he and Brett Hawke, he quickly stepped aside and so did Knutson.

Craig H
Reply to  ken baker
8 years ago

Stanford went with a relatively unknown, unproven coach in Lea the last time around. I think she’s a great person, and has both success and setbacks as a coach. That said, I’d love to see them go with someone who is a bit more a rock-star in the coaching world this time around. I know that Sean Hutchinson is probably done for good, but what ever happened with Paul Yetter’s college coaching career? I don’t suppose they could lure Bultman away? MIssy’s coach?

Reply to  Craig H
8 years ago

Hiring Todd Scmitz would be a stroke of genius!
They’ll get Missy in one package

Reply to  aswimfan
8 years ago

Obviously you know nothing about Todd. In fact they may have a better shot to land Missy if they hire just about anyone else.

Reply to  ColoSwim
8 years ago

I admit I know nothing about Todd.
So please tell me more why hiring him is not a good idea?

Reply to  Craig H
8 years ago

yes Bultman!!!

Reply to  ken baker
8 years ago

a younger coach isn’t necessarily better. would you say terri mckeever was a better coach when she was younger, or now? it is also against the law to discriminate based on age.

Reply to  ken baker
8 years ago

paul yetter is a nut job!? already showed he couldn’t cut it at the collegiate level.

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