Katie Ledecky wins in Olympic Debut, Breaks Evans Record

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International racing debuts, at the Olympic level, are heart-stoppers.

Team USA’s Katie Ledecky, only 15 years old – the youngest member of the US Olympic Team – left little doubt from the start of the women’s 800 meter freestyle final to the finish, making the race less nerve-racking than most. In control, it was Ledecky against the world record line, for nearly 770 meters. She fell just shy of the mark, swimming a 8:14.63, but still fast enough to break Janet Evans’ 22 year old American Record of 8:16.22, set in Japan, 1989, at the Pan Pacific Games.

It’s been a generation since the swimming community has seen a distance powerhouse like Janet Evans. Here is Janet’s 800 free 1988 Olympic final:


Spain’s Mireia Belmonte Garcia was a distant second, 8:18.76.

Britian’s Rebecca Adlingon, the defending Olympic Champion, was third,  8:20.32. Adlington’s winning time and world record at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, 8:14.10, was set in a hi-tech suit, a Speedo LZR. At that time, Adlington made headlines becoming the first British woman in swimming to win Olympic gold in 48 years.

Adlington’s 800 freestyle 2008 Olympic win: 


Ledecky’s split-times:

Time Rank Split
50 m 28.39 1 28.39
100 m 58.81 2 30.42
150 m 1:29.01 1 30.20
200 m 1:59.95 1 30.94
250 m 2:30.82 1 30.87
300 m 3:02.10 1 31.28
350 m 3:33.02 1 30.92
400 m 4:04.34 1 31.32
450 m 4:35.55 1 31.21
500 m 5:07.11 1 31.56
550 m 5:38.39 1 31.28
600 m 6:10.02 1 31.63
650 m 6:41.38 1 31.36
700 m 7:12.81 1 31.43
750 m 7:44.13 1 31.32
Finish 8:14.63 1 30.50

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i,m a fan of swimming and some chinese swimmers have been on my radar for about 2 years now starting from the 2010 asian games. Some performed well ( some exeeded expectations) while others were subpar at the london olympics despite showing promise. Ye shiwen exceeded my expectations, back in 2010 she was a lot shorter than she is now. She was about 5,3 now she,s 5,8 in height. A friend of mine who is chinese watched her in guanghou and told me to look out for her at the shanghai world championships in 2011. I watched her race at the meet, it was the 200 meters im. She was phenomenal there but she was a bit slower at the… Read more »
I’m American too. I don’t think anybody should accuse anybody because I believe these 2 just happened to have phenomenal swims at the highest meet possible. I think Ledecky got in her groove this year or last 2 years. She has actually been on my radar for a year and a half since her great performance at 2011 summer jr nats. In fact, she would have gotten 1st or 2nd I believe if she went to sr nats. I don’t think Ledecky looks unusual. She is a young girl just growing into her body…reminds me a bit of phelps in 2000… Remember those ears! I think Leonard is eating his words now…since the Americans performed extraordinarily esp. the young Ledecky,… Read more »
i,m american and i assume you are an american too hence the defence of ledecky. I think her time drops are too steep. 39 seconds in 2 years and about 11 seconds this year alone. Anyway what do you think of john leonard,s accusation of ye shiwen. John leonard is a fellow american who accused ye shiwen( who is chinese) of doping. Ye shiwen dropped 5 seconds in 2 years. He didn,t accuse our own female 4×100 relay team of doping after they broke a 20 year old world record at the london olympics. Also look ath the physical differences between ye shiwen and katie ledecky. Ledecky looks a lot more manish. She also looks old for her age yet… Read more »

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