Assistant Swim Coach

Applications due 09/01/22

Job Description:

Date posted: June 3, 2022

Location: Castilleja School, Bryant Street, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Work collaboratively and collegially with the Swimming coaching staff to coordinate
& provide the leadership, supervision, and organization of the swimming program, while carrying out
the objectives of the total athletic program of Castilleja School.
 Overtly support and act in accordance with the school’s mission and values.
 Perform duties and responsibilities as described in the below job description.
 Uphold the school’s professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality,
professional courtesy & discretion.
 Represent the school effectively to all of its constituents.
 Maintain a professional demeanor on and off campus.
 Maintain professional credentials, as appropriate.
 Honor the confidentially of school, family & employee information.
 Comply with all school policies and procedures.
 Work effectively and collegially with administrators, faculty and other staff.
 Develop goals to advance the school’s strategic objectives and engage in relevant
professional growth.
 Be knowledgeable of rules and regulations as it relates to Castilleja, the League
(WBAL), Conference (CCS) and State (CIF).
 Model sportsmanlike behavior and maintain appropriate conduct towards officials,
spectators, parents and student-athletes.
 Work constructively with parents/guardians, faculty, staff, and students – even under
stressful conditions.
 Model and encourage sportsmanlike conduct in all phases of athletic participation.
 Work as a partner with the swimming coaching staff:
o Formulate objectives and goals for the swimming season.
o Assume supervisory control over all phases of the swimming program.
o Apply discipline in a firm and positive manner to each student-athlete
individually, and treat each team member with respect and in a fair manner.
o Establish and maintain open communication with student-athletes, parents,
the Athletic Department, Faculty and Staff.
o Email in meet results following each athletic contest to the Athletic
Department, any appropriate league representatives and/or online resources,
such as Max Prep.
o Go over all rules, regulations, and expectations of student-athletes at the
beginning of the swimming season, including the guidelines of the team
captain(s) will be voted on and the expectations of team captain(s).
o Always begin and end practice on time.

o Assume responsibility for accompanying the student-athletes to all off-
campus practices and meets, which includes either riding the bus to and from
the location or receiving approval to drive a school issued van.
o Attend ALL scheduled practices and meets.
o Notify the Athletic Director 48 hours in advance if you cannot attend a
practice and or meet.
o Schedule contests in collaboration with the Athletic Director.
o Attend pre-season and post-season meetings as required.
o Provide the Athletic Director with a current roster and update as needed and
keep the Athletic Director informed in a prompt manner if any players quit or
are released from the team.
o Be aware of any medical problems, which might exist with any team
o Notify Castilleja Athletic Trainer immediately in the case of an injury. If the
injury is life –threatening, call 911 immediately.
o Assume responsibility for constant care of facilities and equipment being used.
o Notify Athletic Director of any additional equipment needs.
o Ensure that all equipment and facilities are locked following every practice or
o Organize and schedule practice sessions on a regular basis with the idea of
developing the student-athlete’s greatest potential.
o Arrive at the practice site at least ten minutes prior to the starting time.
o Attend all coaches’ meetings as announced by the Athletic Director.
o Promptly inform Athletic Director of conversations with parents.
o Make sure all equipment and facilities are ready in sufficient time prior to
games and meets.
o Always have medical & emergency information of team members at all

 Minimum of one-year prior coaching experience at the high school, club or college level.
 Possession of valid, unexpired CPR and First Aid certifications.
 Bachelor of Arts or Science preferred.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should email their resume to Amy Chinn, [email protected]

Contact Information

Amy Chinn