Jessica Hardy Scratches 100 Fly Semifinal

  3 Braden Keith | June 25th, 2012 | National, News, U.S. Olympic Trials

Jessica Hardy is the culprit who scratched the women’s 100 fly semi-final in Omaha to prepare for the 100 breast and sprint freestyles, which are the only races where she’ll truly have a shot at London anyway. Hardy swam a 59.60 for the 13th-fastest swim in prelims; that will make a great warmup swim for her but this was a wise decision (it was even a bit surprising that she swam it in the first place).

This sets up a swim-off for the 16th-and-final spot in this evening’s session between Cal’s underwater superstar Cindy Tran and USC’s Tanya Krisman, who were originally tied for 17th. Tran will be out much harder, but if Krisman is within a second at the turn then she has a chance.

Check back after the swim-off to find out who won. Full results of the prelims race are available here, and keep an eye on our live recap.

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The 100 fly for Hardy was just to get wet, relax and get the jitters out for the breast tomorrow, and also a shout to her competition: “I’m here and I’m in shape”.

Tran looked great on the first 50, but Krisman didn’t seem worried she could run her down on the last 50.My swimmer used to have the
same problem, but after training with Coach Troy, she can finish much stronger.Hope Tran gets a better aerobic base in before next years NCAA’s…she has so much speed and great starts and turns, it would be wonderful if she could put it all together.

cynthia curran

That sucks, Tran needs to save it tormorrow for the 100 meter Back. And swimming three flys in one day is not good for her. I was hoping that in Prelims before she could do under 1:00 in back as well or in the 1:00’s. Tran swimming like she could be in the top 5th in back.


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