Introducing Rulebreaker A Technical Two-Piece Collection

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August 02nd, 2017 Industry, News

Inspired by the lives of competitive swimmers beyond the pool, global aquatic brand arena has just launched a fresh take on training and fitness swimwear with their new line of technical two-piece separates known as RuleBreaker.  Created specifically for active women who want to bridge the gap between morning practice and afternoons on the beach, the RuleBreaker line integrates fashion-trending colors, prints, and contemporary silhouettes with arena’s legendary performance and craftsmanship – making this the swiss army knife of the female competitive swimmer’s wardrobe.    

Sarah Sjostrom – World Champion and World Record Holder

Featuring a double-lined MaxLife poly fabric combined with arena’s highest quality construction functional design, RuleBreaker is designed specifically to withstand the demanding needs of the competitive swimmer in the pool, while providing her with the look and feel she wants for a day full of surfing, paddling, spiking, or just some good old fashioned laughing and lounging.  

Born by a brand built by uncompromising performance in the pool, RuleBreaker also serves double-duty as arena’s answer to competitive swimming’s ubiquitous solid, one-piece team suit. The shift in design convention is a reflection of a larger movement among athletes and individuals that seek a fresh approach to performance and style, while also creating opportunities for self-expression.

“Personal style is a big part of this collection,” says Product Manager and three-time Olympic Trials swimmer Kara Nelson. “The tops and bottoms of the new line can be bought as separates, allowing swimmers to mix and match prints with bold colors, or pair athletic shapes with more feminine cuts, based on their own preferences.”

The two-piece collection is constructed to stay put and remain comfortable, while working with all athletes’ swim styles. Each of the four unique tops utilizes a different back, featuring adjustable straps and inner ties for a secure fit, ensuring they stay in place during even the toughest of training sessions or the of wildest of waves. The compliment of four unique bottoms offers a blend of support and contemporary design.  It’s this combination of performance, comfort, and personal style that’s attracting young women to the line.

“This collection is World Championship approved,” says two-time Open Water Olympian and World Champion Haley Anderson. I brought two tops and two bottoms with me to Budapest. Having personalized looks each training day added to the excitement of being there. And the bright, bold colors look so at home with the clear blue water and sandy beaches we’ve seen while training in Croatia.”

The name RuleBreaker is in celebration of the young women that break from the norm, choosing to express their individuality, and explore life outside the lane. The collection is available now, exclusively at

Swimming Press Release courtesy of arena, a SwimSwam partner.

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3 years ago

“Rule breaker” = cheap Jolyn knock off

Reply to  Oldcoach
3 years ago

Ive had my Speedo bikini for years and got them at a much better price than what Jolyn sells theirs

3 years ago

If I had a time machine, I’d go to the 2009 World Championships and tell everyone Arena would one day have a suit that is actually named the “Rule Breaker.”

3 years ago

Hideous .