Getting Fit with the Ultimate Drag Suit – Swimming Tips

The best way to build a swimmer’s strength and power, besides dryland training, is resistance training in the water. Once a swimmer has mastered the correct technique, it is important to improve their strength and muscular endurance in order to improve. Strength in the water goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. The goal is to train your swimmer to travel the most distance with the least amount of strokes, a skill that we often review through “DPS” (distance per stroke). The Ultimate Drag Suit is designed with fours pockets that catch water, increasing drag dramatically. The swimmer will instantly feel the difference between their normal effort and their effort with the suit. The Ultimate Drag Suit is great for all strokes and is best utilized explosively during short yardage training.

Build power and speed with the Ultimate Drag Suit and complete this set!

Kick Set
4 rounds (all flutter or dolphin kick)
(with Ultimate Drag Suit on rounds 1-3, without on round 4)
6 x 75 streamline kick @ moderate pace
4 x 50 fast streamline kick @ 1:00
2 x 25 underwater shooters @ :30

Swim Set (free/stroke/IM)
4 x 100 swim with Ultimate Drag Suit @ moderate pace
6 x 50 descend with the Ultimate Drag Suit
8 x 25 fast swim (w/o Ultimate Drag Suit) @ :30

Courtesy of FINIS, a swimswam partner.

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