Germantown Intrasquad: Four Pool Records Set

The swimmers and coaches from Germantown Academy Aquatic Club took to the water this past Sunday for an intrasquad competition. Despite the fact that many of the swimmers were coming off a hard weekend of racing at Easterns, they still managed to set four pool records.

All the pool records were set in the course of two relays, 200 and 400 freestyle. Ryan Torie, who won both the 50 and 100 freestyle at Easterns, led off both relays in pool record time. In the 50 leadoff he notched a 20.46, just slightly slower than his weekend winning time.

In the 100, however, he was able to better his performance. Torie swam 44.40, which is his first recorded swim under 45 seconds in that event. On the 200 freestyle relay he was joined by Tommy Whitman, Brien Collier and Greg Callahan. The foursome swam more than one and a half seconds faster than the previous record at 1:25.24.

On the 400 freestyle relay, Torie joined Collier, Callahan and Chris Hayburn to record a 3:05.70. That time broke the existing record by nearly four seconds. Both relays were significantly faster than the corresponding high school team recorded in the past weekend. This because while Torie swims for the GAAC, the Germantown Academy Aquatic club, he attends Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

Torie is no stranger to the Germantown pool record board, having already begun by taking down a legendary record last year.

Torie will continue swimming next year for the University of North Carolina.

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Really? – that is surprising! – According to the GA School Athletic page, The times listed in the story above do not appear to be faster than what the school states the records are!
I am not a math teacher, but I can tell that 3:05.70 is not faster than what is posted on the GA record page, nor is 1:25.24.

Per GA The 400 Freestyle record was set in 1989 with a time of 3:04.10 and the 200 Freestyle Relay was set in 1998 with a time of 1:24.72.

Is the new head coach at Germantown Academy obliterating all the previous swims and starting new records?

confused – that list is team records, this is referring to Pool Records.

1st grader

Doi @confused school records are swum at a faster pool as a faster meet at night. The pool records just set were swum at GA, not the best pool and pinned up against the diving board for the starts.

Christa Hayburn


Ken Cuccinelli

At Easterns the day before these “historic” swims, GA boys lost to every interac school except SCH and SCH doesn’t have a pool.

The Truth

Ryan is SCH’s only swimmer and scored all of his teams 48 points. He trains at GA all year round. If he had swam for GA at Easterns he would have added 48 points to the teams overall score, in addition, their 200 free relay would have placed 2nd and their 400 free relay would have placed third, which is another 18 points (more than what they placed). If you take another 2 seconds off of the freestyle leg of the medley, they easily would have A finaled. This would result in a minimum addition of at least 4 more points. After adding up all of these scores the only Inter-Ac school that GA would have lost to is Haverford.


And if reece whitley was the breaststroker, and ryan hoffer the flyer they would be even faster. Dreamers, pretenders, wannabe’s, etc

The Truth

But Reece and Ryan Hoffer don’t actually train at GA like Ryan does, there is a clear difference.


Season wrap up for GA High school swim team. First double dual meet loss in history to EA. First time the girls did not win the inter ac in league history. First time in 41 years that there is not 1 high school all american. Not 1 swimmer received a single junior or national level time cut. Not 1 graduating senior is going to a top 50 swim program in the country. And by the way guys,they got beat by 8th graders at eastern


I’m sure Malvern, Peddie, Mercersburg, Penn Charter, Episcopal, and any other school that also has a club team would have loved to have had their club swimmers compete with the high school team as well, but that’s not how it works. Nice try though.

Ivy swim watcher

Actually, Peddie’s high school/varsity team is a subset of it’s club team – if you attend Peddie and swim varsity you’re also a member of Peddie Aquatics club team, but if you attend school elsewhere and swim for Peddie Aquatics club, you’re not a member of the Peddie varsity. That being said, Peddie Aquatic’s (the club) fastest swimmers are by far the Peddie varsity swimmers (i.e. those boys who attend Peddie and won Easterns). Peddie is one of those rare, very rare, exceptions where the high school team is faster than a club team because the varsity makes up the heart of the club. And given the Peddie Boys set the Easterns record for the most points ever scored in… Read more »

Christa Hayburn

Please tell me how that makes a difference from Eastern’s to what would have been the “Q” meet the next day… This was on the SWIM CLUB who broke the POOL RECORDS not the HIGH SCHOOL Team. Honestly, the team outdid itself after all the BS that they have endured over the last 2 years.
CUT the KIDS a Break cause that is who you are affecting the most…

college coaches everywhere

Christa- I admire how you go out of the way to protect your child’s and his friends’ feelings. HOWEVER, the fact that you commented on EVERY negative post on this article is ABSURD and on top of that you publicly thanked Anne for supporting you- you are ridiculous. And CLEARLY you do not have a clue what you are talking about- it is UNFAIR that the SWIM CLUB was able to compete to break the POOL record since no USA meet has EVER been held at GA where RELAYS have been swum- all of the FORMER records on that board were from HIGH SCHOOL meets where kids were NOT tapered and shaved. It is a DISGRACE that a meet was… Read more »

Former GA swim fan

* Asterisk- exactly why this term was coined-for records like these that were achieved under suspicious circumstances.
I’m guessing, this is the first time a pool record was set at GA with athletes who were shaved, tapered, in technical suits during a time trial, in a pool by themselves, without the turbulent wave motion and stressors which are present in actual race conditions.
Certainly a good swim by the boys, but insulting to the spirit and tradition of the school and those who came before them who strove to “compete” at a level that enabled them to reach the record board. ……Honorable in Deed???????

Ryan Torie

Bro, why don’t you stop by the pool later today and give me some ‘turbulent water’ and still watch me drop a 44 on you. Sound good?


You had some ‘turbulent’ water this past Saturday, where was your 44 then?


No more 44s…Right Bro?

splash and dash

I guess there should not be any time trials at other meets unless all lanes are full and stressors present? Last time I checked, those times all count.

Former GA swim fan

The five boys were the only senior swimmers in attendance at the “meet”. Sure it was sanctioned, but they were there with the sole purpose of breaking the record. Between the five of them, they only swam 2 individual events. So good for them, but again, not really in line with the spirit of breaking records during competition. GA has hosted dozens of US A/B/C meets over the last decade, but never included relays, so no clubs, including GAAC have had the opportunity to swim relays, but new leadership means new rules, I get it, but it wouldn’t it have been cool of them to ask the UDAC boys to drive around the corner and have an actual race (in… Read more »

Christa Hayburn

You are right these boys “Were” the ONLY boys who attended this meet however they showed up when NO ONE on ELSE DID.. I am curious what your definition of “IN THE SPIRIT” means. Because What I observed among ALL the Boys was TRUE Dedication and the Spirit for SWIMMING after all that they have overcome these past few years and as recently weeks. Their spirit becomes broken when people like YOU and the Others on this “Reply” thread Hide behind FAKE Names and Fake Emails… Leadership has many meanings.. YOU can be a FOLLOWER of an Old Regime or Create a New Approach. These boys are creating a NEW atmosphere while wearing the GERMANTOWN ACADEMY and GAAC name PROUDLY!… Read more »

Norman Dale

The old regime had a pretty good track record of producing world record holders, olympians, national/junior national swimmers, all americans as well as great individuals. The new approach is a joke- zero hard work, no accomplishments in the pool. Those boys are creating a NEW atmosphere of mediocrity-winning B finals is nothing special especially at a slow meet like easterns this year. They should be embarrassed to wear GA swimming gear they are a joke compared the swimmers of GA past. Keep up the good work and all you guys will finally make junior olympics. Yeah girl now do me a solid-WORD UP!!!

No Pain No Gain

Mediocre and clueless are the new coaching standards. That is exactly what the Administration wanted. Worst swimming season ever and they are all excited. They certainly got what they wanted. Feel bad for the swimmers that got caught in this nightmare.

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