Former Florida All-American, WUG Champion, Laura Booth Needs Blood Donations

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Former Florida All-American and US National Team swimmer Laura Booth (now Uecker) needs blood donations to fight a recent diagnosis of acute leukemia. She was a 17-time All-American for the Gators in the late 80’s, including as a part of a Florida NCAA Championship winning 400 free relay that broke the American Record.

At the 1993 World University Games, Laura won a pair of gold medals as a part of the 400 free and medley relays.

For those unfamiliar with how to help, you don’t have to match blood type, or be close to Ms. Booth to help.

1. You can donate anywhere
2. Doesn’t matter the blood type, doesn’t have to match
3. She will get “credit” on the donation, A certain number of credits adds up at certain number of blood units for her type
4. Just have to tell the center you are donating in someone’s name.  You will need the following:

Laura Uecker
Date of Birth  3-21-73
Hospital:  Tulane Hospital in  New Orleans

Many resources are available to find your nearest blood donation center; one of the best is here: America’s Blood Donation Centers.

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She is battling leukemia and will need platelets so all help will be appreciated and if not used for her will help another person.


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