FINIS Introduces Adjustable Swim Chute

FINIS, Inc., a worldwide leader in technical swimming innovation, is proud to introduce the Drag+Fly™ adjustable swim chute.

The product was originally designed by a group of former water polo players from Australia, and FINIS has acquired the exclusive global license to produce these adjustable swim chutes.

Unlike typical swim parachutes that vary in design and size, the Drag+Fly™ is designed to allow the user to adjust the level of intensity easily and quickly. While using a standard swim chute, most swimmers would have to switch products to achieve different levels of resistance. With the Drag+Fly™’s Resistance Zip System, swimmers can customize the level of intensity based on the requirements of the workout.

Courtesy of FINIS

Courtesy of FINIS

“It’s a great piece of equipment,” says 2016 triathlon Olympic bronze medalist Henri Schoeman. “It’s great for upper body strength work, essential for triathlon and open water swimming.”

The sleek cone-shaped design was the first of its kind on the market, and is an innovative and fresh take on a standard swimming product. One of the primary complaints about standard swim chutes is how they interrupt the natural kick cycle.  To combat this issue, the Drag+Fly™ has a towline buoy that helps the device maintain proper alignment with the swimmer.

“I love the new, innovative Drag+Fly™,” continues Schoeman, who is widely considered one of the fastest swimmers in the sport of triathlon.  “It’s really easy to use and the buoy give me the peace of mind to swim hard without worrying about space to kick and turn.”

“The Drag+Fly™ is truly a fantastic product. Innovative and versatile, it took a modern and fresh approach to a standard swimming product, and with the ever-changing landscape of swimming we believe this is the best resistance tool for both coaches and swimmers,” says FINIS CEO and Cofounder John Mix.

This patented product is extremely durable and made of premium materials. The marine-grade chute allows for water to flow through at maximum speeds, and the PVC towline and clip are able to withstand substantial pull force from the swimmer.

“We want the product to not only be functionally sound and provide significant results for the swimmer, but also durable enough to keep up with swimmers,” Mix says. “Athletes are getting stronger and stronger so our products need to be able to adapt and provide continuous benefits to them.”

To learn more and get yours, visit or your local swim equipment dealer.

Swim news courtesy of FINIS.

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