Derventio Excel Hosts ‘Challenge 2020’ To Raise Funds For NHS

Derbyshire-based swim team Dervention Excel have kicked off what would have been day 1 of the British Olympic Trials today with an innovative fundraising event called Challenge 2020.

The elite squad based in the East Midlands region of England came up with the idea after a conversation was had between head coach Jamie Main and team captain Mia Slevin.

Slevin’s parents are both front-line workers for the National Health Service (NHS), which is the United Kingdom’s healthcare system. Main said that this fuelled their decision to raise funds for their local hospital trust on what would have been the first day of on an undoubtedly exciting week of racing at the London Aquatics Centre. 

The premise of the challenge was to swim 2020 strokes whichever way you can or do 2020 step-ups as an alternative. There is a target goal of £2,020 ($2,550), with all the proceeds going to the local Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity.

A host of other clubs in the region chose to take part today, posting on social media videos of their swimmers taking part. Main said “We put the feelers out and all the small clubs in Derbyshire wanted to get involved. There’s now about 20 taking part”.

Fundraising events like this are happening all across the world to raise vital funds for the healthcare systems amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Athletes such as Adam Peaty and Frederica Pellegrini  have recently auctioned off some of their Olympic memorabilia; Peaty’s 2016 swimsuit and Pellegrini’s goggles (as well as a host of other products).

The event held by DX today is looking like it will surpass its target in the next couple of hours. Events like this allow athletes to work hard during their time out of the water and raise essential funds for their local hospitals. At a time like this, it’s exactly what we need.



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