Day 1 Berlin: Gose, Bruhn, Märtens, Matzerath cracked German Olympic standards

by Daniela Kapser 2

April 16th, 2021 Europe, International, News


Lukas Märtens, Isabel Gose, Annika Bruhn were the first swimmers to achieve a German Olympic standard time this week at the pinnacle German Olympic qualifying event in Berlin.

Lukas Märtens ducked under the 200 m freestyle German Olympic standard time of 1:46.70 with his winning time of 1:46.41.

In the women’s final, Isabel Gose won in a new German age group record for 19-year-olds in 1:56.93. The record was previously held by Franziska van Almsick with a time of 1:58.14. Van Alsmisk earned a silver medal with her performance at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Annika Bruhn was also able to break the Olympic standard in 1:57.17.

Lucas Matzerath had already reached the German standard time for the Olympic Games in the 100 m breaststroke prelims in 59.63. This time was 0,17 seconds faster than the required standard. He added more speed in the final and finished second in 59.42. Matzerath put his name on the German Olympic consideration list now next to Fabian Schwingenschlögl who cracked the Olympic standard and the German record two weeks ago.

It counted on the first day in Berlin not only for the German swimmers to qualify for an individual start, they also aimed for spots in the relays.

Lukas Märtens (1:46.41), Jacob Heidtmann (1:46.98), Poul Zellmann (1:47.53) and Henning Mühlleitner (1:48.11) could recommend themselves for the 4×200 m freestyle relay. The women’s Fab4 were Isabel Gose (1:56.93), Annika Bruhn (1:57.17), Leonie Kullmann (1:57.64) and Marie Pietruschka in 1:58.46.

Other 100m distances were swum, where swimmers could offer themselves for the relays: Anna Elendt won the women’s 100 breaststroke in a new personal best of 1:07.17, just 0.17 seconds off the Olympic standard. In the 100m butterfly, Lisa Höpink fared similarly, being the fastest finalist in 58.07. She thus did not reach the German standard time of 57.90, but she can hope for a place in the relay. In the men’s 100 m backstroke Marek Ulrich swam the fastest time in the morning in 53.75, a bit too slow for an individual start in Tokyo, but it was Ole Braunscheig who snatched the win in the final.  The German nomination guidelines state that relay swimmers selection is based on performances they achieved in a final.

Current German Olympic Roster (Tokyo 2020)

  • Sarah Koehler – 800 / 1500 freestyle
  • Florian Wellbrock – 800 / 1500 freestyle
  • Marco Koch – 200 breaststroke
  • Laura Riedemann – 100 backstroke
  • Franziska Hentke – 200 butterfly
  • Marius Kusch – 100 butterfly
  • Philip Heintz – 200 IM

German swimmers having achieved national Olympic qualifying times

Swimmers who have earned consideration for relay swims


As a refresher, the Olympic standards, German records, and already qualified swimmers in each Olympic event are as follows:

Women Men
Already qualified for Tokyo German Record German Olympic norm Event German Olympic norm German Record Already qualified for Tokyo
23.73 24.75 50 freestyle 21.95 21.81
52.07 54.10 100 freestyle 48.50 48.24
1:55.68 1:57.20 200 freestyle 1:46.70 1:42.00
4:03.96 4:07.50 400 freestyle 3:46.40 3:40.07
Sarah Köhler 8:16.43 8:30.00 800 freestyle 7:50.00 7:43.03 Florian Wellbrock
Sarah Köhler 15:48.83 16:16.00 1500 freestyle 14:59.00 14:36.15 Florian Wellbrock
1:07.01 1:07.00 100 breaststroke 58.85 59.15
2:25.00 2:24.90 200 breaststroke 2:09.90 2:07.47 Marco Koch
Laura Riedemann 59.77 1:00.00 100 backstroke 53.70 52.27
2:07.63 2:09.50 200 backstroke 1:57.00 1:55.87
57.70 57.90 100 butterfly 51.80 51.19 Marius Kusch
Franziska Hentke 2:05.26 2:08.20 200 butterfly 1:55.04 1:55.76
2:11.33 2:11.90 200 IM 1:59.40 1:55.76 Philip Heintz
4:36.10 4:38.40 400 IM 4:15.00 4:12.08 Jacob Heidtmannn

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1 year ago

Marek Ullrich is not on the relay considetation list even though he was the fastest backstroker in Berlin… the result in the final counts for the considetstion list, and Marek went slower in the final than in prelims and got narrowly beaten by Ole Braunschweig.

1 year ago