Cutshaw & Bretscher Win 14-18 Girls Age Group Platform National Title

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April 15th, 2017 Diving, News

The 2017 USA Diving Synchronized National Championships ended with four pairs taking home national titles Saturday afternoon on the campus of Georgia Tech. Christy Cutshaw and Emily Bretscher won the girl’s 14-18 synchronized platform, Benjamin Bramley and Maxwell Flory bested the boy’s 14-18 synchronized platform field, Kamryn Wong and Dillan DeLugo took the girl’s 13&U synchronized 3-meter victory and Maxwell Miller and Jacob Jones finished first in the boy’s 13&U synchronized 1-meter event.

Cutshaw and Bretscher crafted a top score of 575.79 to top the podium with Isabel Gregersen and Samantha Tamborski taking second at 496.77. The duo of Daryn Wright and Mikayla Zick came in third with 486.21 to round out the top three in the girl’s 14-18 synchronized platform event. Cutshaw and Bretscher closed the final with a score of 63.36 on a back 2½ somersault 1½ twist pike to seal the victory.

The boy’s 14-18 synchronized platform featured a championship performance from Bramley and Flory with a total of 651.36 points. The pair collected 71.04 points on a back 2½ somersault 1½ twist pike in the fifth round. Maxwell Weinrich and Tyler Downs followed with 632.64 and Lyle Yost and Noah Duperre took third at 595.65.

Maxwell Miller and Jacob Jones won the boy’s 13&U synchronized 1-meter championship, posting a score of 544.89, ending the final with an inward 1½ somersault pike worth 49.68 points. Max Fowler and Finnian Gelbach tallied 521.64 points for second, while Dash Glasberg and Joshua Thai scored 507.96 for third.

The 3-meter springboard was occupied by the 13&U girls age group, which saw Kamryn Wong and Dillan DeLugo take first with 520.11 points. Second-place finishers Elena Yeh andSupisara Shauntel Lim posted a mark of 513.24 with Annie Bingle and Veronica Fyfe placing third with 440.16 points.

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Girl’s 14-18 Synchronized Platform Final

  1. Christy Cutshaw (North Carolina Diving) & Emily Bretscher (Tennessee Diving) 575.79; 2. Isabel Gregersen (Mile High Dive Club) & Samantha Tamborski (Mile High Dive Club) 496.77; 3. Daryn Wright (Indiana International School of Diving) & Mikayla Zick (Indiana International School of Diving) 486.21; 4. Kara Holt (YCF Diving Team) & Ali Giuliani (Ft. Lauderdale Diving Team) 475.50; 5. Francesca Noviello (Stanford Diving) & Elizabeth Miclau (Stanford Diving) 460.83; 6. Jamie Doak (American Flyers Diving) & Janie Boyle (American Flyers Diving) 459.39; 7. Nike Agunbiade (Stanford Diving) & Elizabeth Miclau (Stanford Diving) 453.96; 8. Francesca Noviello (Stanford Diving) & Nike Agunbiade (Stanford Diving) 446.91; 9. Mary O’Neill (American Flyers Diving) & Hannah Zahniser (American Flyers Diving) 441.48; 10. Tara Fitzgerald (American Flyers Diving) & Hannah Zahniser (American Flyers Diving) 436.80; 11. Tara Fitzgerald (American Flyers Diving) & Mary O’Neill (American Flyers Diving) 430.44; 12. Abigail Erickson (Mile High Dive Club) & Taylor Clark (Mile High Dive Club) 414.18

Boy’s 14-18 Synchronized Platform Final

  1. Benjamin Bramley (Unattached) & Maxwell Flory (Dominion Dive Club) 651.36; 2. Maxwell Weinrich (Unattached) & Tyler Downs (Clayton Diving Alliance) 632.64; 3. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving) & Noah Duperre (Ohio State Diving Club) 595.65; 4. Quinn Henninger (Mile High Dive Club) & Clayton Chaplin (Mile High Dive Club) 592.77; 5. Jonathan Geraghty (Coral Springs Diving) & Peter Smithson (GC Diving) 528.39; 6. Sky Geovanni (Moss Farms Diving) & Peter Smithson (GC Diving) 482.10; 7. Jacob Reasor (Tennessee Diving) & Nicholas Cassell (Tennessee Diving) 447.84; 8. Casey Fellows (Mile High Dive Club) & Elijah Chan (Mile High Dive Club) 406.92; 9. Brayden Schachle (Mile High Dive Club) & Oliver Mills (Mile High Dive Club) 403.44

Girl’s 13&U Synchronized 3-meter Final

  1. Kamryn Wong (GC Diving) & Dillan DeLugo (GC Diving) 520.11; 2. Elena Yeh (Arrow Dive Club) & Supisara Shauntel Lim (Stanford Diving) 513.24; 3. Annie Bingle (Marlins Diving Club) & Veronica Fyfe (Marlins Diving Club) 440.16; 4. Callie Borda (Montgomery Dive Club) & Michelle Mazzara (Montgomery Dive Club) 434.52; 5. Chloe McKnight (City of Midland) & Sydney Joiner (San Antonio Divers) 418.92; 6. Morgan Manley (Mile High Dive Club) & Geneva Pauly (Mile High Dive Club) 417.60; 7. Kaylee Bishop (Coral Springs Diving) & Campbell Long (Unattached) 414.18; 8. Averi McQuitty (City of Midland) & Chloe McKnight (City of Midland) 400.92; 9. Elina Natarajan (Upstate NY Diving) & Cailey Purswell (Alamo Area Aquatics Diving) 388.32

Boy’s 13&U Synchronized 1-meter Final

  1. Maxwell Miller (Woodlands Diving Academy) & Jacob Jones (Woodlands Diving Academy) 544.89; 2. Max Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club) & Finnian Gelbach (Alexandria Dive Club) 521.64; 3. Dash Glasberg (Trojan Dive Club) & Joshua Thai (SoCal Divers) 507.96; 4. Jacob Fisher (Alexandria Dive Club) & Nicholas Harris (West Chester Diving) 484.32; 5. Chase Marafioto (San Antonio Divers) & Hayden Elliott (San Antonio Divers) 481.50; 6. Nicholas Stone (City of Midland) & Trever Cheung (City of Midland) 458.79; 7. Matthew Bray (Dominion Dive Club) & Jacob Fisher (Alexandria Dive Club) 452.61

News courtesy of USA Diving.

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