Cornell Men and Women beat Colgate

Lately there have been a lot of Ivy rivalries but Cornell took a break from the inter-conference competition and took on Colgate in their home pool today.

Some new swimmers really stood up for this meet and gave good mid-season performances, despite rough training and the transitional period into championship mode. Cornell is proving they have the depth to do some damage heading into Ivies, which is absolutely crucial with many of the Ivy teams having 40+ members on both sides.


The Cornell men faced off against the Colgate men as they bounced back from a grueling loss against Yale. By taking the majority of the events with a 1-2 sweep and taking all the points for diving, Cornell won the meet with a score of 158-111.

Full results can be found here.

Junior Tommy Hallowell won both boards with a score of 303.22 on 1 meter and 297.97 on 3 meter with freshman Deyon Godbay in second with respective scores of 263.77 and 246.38.

Cornell sophomore Kevin Kreher made a great appearance as his A-relay in the 200 medley relay took first with a time of 1:35.42 where he swam the breaststroke leg along with Taylor Adams, Carl St. John, and Zac Cesaro. Though both of his other events were swam exhibition, his times would have easily placed and scored for Cornell. His 2:15.11 would have given him third in the 200 breast and his 2:04.43 would have been third place as well in the 200 IM.

Zac Cesaro accompanied Kreher in the 200 medley as the freestyle leg and that win helped carry him through the meet with other good performances. In the 200 back he took first place with a time of 1:56.08 as his front half speed was absolutely stellar compared to the rest of the field; his first 100 was five seconds faster than second place finisher Michael Reynolds, who was a 1:59.27.

Distance freshman Dominic Wilkins won the 1000 freestyle with a time of 10:06.21 with an extremely solid middle 500 to help pull through with win against Cornell headliner Ben Catanese, who took second with a time of 10:09.08. In the 200 fly, he won with a time of 2:00.12 as his distance talent was extremely present: his last 50 was three seconds faster than the rest of the field despite taking out the race almost two seconds slower in the first 50.

Carl St. John went two for two in his races as he was also a quarter in the Cornell A-relay. St. John’s 100 breaststroke won with a time of 1:01.15 as Mark Hilton took second with a time of 1:01.46.

In the 200 freestyle, Dylan Sali won with a time of 1:44.93 as Reynolds took second with a time of 1:46.57. Third place was Willie Mendelson for Cornell with a time of 1:47.73.

Luke Reisch won the 100 backstroke for Cornell with a time of 52.61 as Des Cairns took second for Colgate with a time of 54.40.

Cornell dominated the 50 free as they went 1-2-3 with Taylor Wilson, Harry Harpham, and Eric May with respective times of 21.40, 21.78, and 22.35. Wilson also came back to win the 100 freestyle with a time of 47.33 as Cairns took second again with a 48.54.

As the meet wrapped up with the 400 free relay the Cornell A-relay of Harpham, Catanese, Mendelson, and Wilson won with a time of 3:09.05 while the Cornell C-relay took second with David Zurmuhl, Sali, Eric Kim, and Karol Mlynarski in a 3:10.64.


The Cornell women had more points to bring in with more divers and ended up beating the Colgate women 160-123.

Full results can be found here.

The Cornell diving twins dominated both boards today as Bianca Herlitz-Ferguson and Manita Herlitz-Ferguson took first and second on one and three meter. Both scores were fairly close to each other: one one meter, first place was 254.17 while second place was 229.71. Third place was Meredith Jonker for Cornell with 211.35. On three meter, a 246.59 won while second place was 235.42. Third place was Jonker with 199.11.

Morgan Cohara was a huge point winner for Colgate with first place finishes in the 100 back with a time of 58.61 and first place finish in the 500 free with a time of 5:09.12. She took second place in the 1000 free with a 10:30.33 but fell short to Currie Murch Elliot who won with a time of 10:24.94. Cohara played anchor on the Colgate A-relay in the 400 free relay along with Sami Wary, Hannah Fitton, and Lindsey Sagasta who took second with a 3:36.88.

Billie Murch Elliot won two events practically back to back, as the 200 fly and the 200 back are only separated by the 50 free. Her first place finish in the 200 fly was a 2:08.72 and her first place finish in the 200 back was a 2:06.15. Second place in the 200 fly was Isabella Cecere with a 2:08.90 and second place in the 200 back was Flora Hanson with a time of 2:06.31.

Senior Stephanie Ah-quah was the flyer for the Cornell A-relay in the 200 medley relay that won with a time of 1:47.88. Her 59.89 in the 100 back was good for second place and 58.67 would have won the 100 fly if it weren’t for an exhibition swim.

Representing the Cornell freshman class with two wins was Anna Elling who took the 100 free with a time of 53.01. She led off the Cornell A-relay in the 400 freestyle relay with a Cari Stankaitis, Jenna Immormino, and Cecere which won with a time of 3:32.66. Elling took second in the 200 freestyle with a 1:54.06 but fell short to Jennifer Zhang who won with a time of 1:53.86.

In the 100 breast, Kim Jerome won with a time of 1:05.23 as Bethany Douglas took second with a time of 1:08.51. Third place was Cammie Kirby for Colgate with a 1:08.67.

Immormino won the 50 freestyle with a time of 23.69 as Sagasta took second with a time of 24.50 and Stankaitis took third with a 24.62.

Meghan Shroyer took first in the 100 fly with a time of 1:00.35 as Fitton took second with a time of 1:01.40. Meghan Jex took third for Colgate with a time of 1:01.88.

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