Chesterbrook Swim Team Gets Pumped for Summer League Rivalry Meet

by SwimSwam 13

July 07th, 2013 News

USA Swimming cheers can be good. High school cheers can be even better. College cheers will rock a natatorium. But none of these can hold a candle to the ultimate cheers: summer league cheers.

Watch above as swimmers and coaches from the Chesterbrook Swim Team in McLean, Virginia unite with a pre-meet pump up session and go ‘bam bam” on the Tuckahoe Chicken. For anyone unfamiliar, summer league swimming in the DC-Virginia corridor is huge.

Thanks to SwimSwam contributor Matt Rees for filming and sharing this video.

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The two big summer leagues, NVSL (northern Virginia) and MCSL (Montgomery county) are huge and really fun. Both have fun meets like all stars and relay carnival that have kids racing each other that starts as little kids and carries on to 18 year olds. It was the first step for many current and high school and college stars and they carry on into high school. NVSL was home to Megan Byrnes, Cassidy Bayer, Andrew seliskar, Janet hu, and even Matt Mclean. And mcsl has Katie ledecky, jack conger, Sarah haase and Eric friedland


MCSL also had Mike Barrowman. MCSL and NVSL is why you see stars from DC/MD/VA. Most recently developing Ledecky, Conger, Friedland, Seliskar, Hu, Haase, Vissering, Bayer, etc. MCSL and NVSL competitiveness is unmatched and has paved the way for developing 100s of thousands of swimmers over the past 60 years from young swimmers to olympians


More importantly, in addition to your point, these top tier swimmers tend to stay involved until their 18th year… This helps to keep younger kids interested too as they see the older kids on their team coming to their neighborhood meets and then competing on a national stage… Also gonna throw in markus rogan, Ed Moses, Kate Ziegler, Sean fletcher in the nvsl

It would be fun to make an “all time team” from the two leagues of the greatest swimmers from either.


Matt McLean was in the CSL, not NVSL. I know because I raced him once in summer league (I lost obviously). It was a great experience.


One starting point for Northern Virginia would be the NVSL record book:

Lots of names that will be familiar to SwimSwam readers (and lots of records set in the last five years), but one record that’s stood since 1965: boys 8 & U 25 meter free, 15.10, Roger McLeod.


Throwing down an initial medley relay for nvsl men: rogan, Moses, fletcher, plenty of people to thrown in for free

Women: don’t know about back, ashley danger, Cassidy Bayer, Janet hu


Btw not going by times alone, for men at least that relay is Olympic silver medalist in 200 back, world record holder in 100 breast, and national high school record holder in 100 fly


Our summer league team practices start in early April, but then they switch to early morning when school is over. Our 4 kids drag their mattresses into our bedroom last day of school and that is the sign that real summer league began. Also, parent horror begins; waking up every day at 6:00am to take them to practice and every Saturday at 4:45 to get them ready for the meet. Our North Austin Summer League has about 14 teams. Our Round Rock team (home of Dax Hill) has 300 kids. Each summer league season has 4 stages for me: 1. Up to first meet – cannot wait for meets to start. 2. Until about third meet – this is fun… Read more »

We just hosted the Atlanta Swim Association Championship last week with 4700 swimmers at Georgia Tech and had a terrific meet. I would venture a guess that every singe member of the US World’s team started their carrers on a summer league team. It to me is the heart and soul of our sport.