“Call Me Lochte” Video Parodies Michael Phelps vs. Ryan Lochte Rivalry

  10 Davis Wuolle | July 30th, 2012 | Featured, London 2012 Olympics

It’s safe to say that I, as a Canadian, experience my fair share of culture cringe. Between Justin Bieber, Nickelback and now Carly Rae Jepsen, Canada has contributed it’s fair share of cringe worthy pop. But now that everyone is parodying “Call Me Maybe”, I feel (if only just a little) somewhat better.  And if it can bring this much attention to the sport of swimming, well I say bring it on.  Now sit back, relax and listen to a grown man wearing water wings serenade you with the sweet sound of Ryan Lochte hating on Michael Phelps.

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4 years 2 months ago

the video says “unavailable” both here and on YouTube

4 years 2 months ago

This is hillarious.

wait for Phelps Phans to storm this in… 5…4….3…2..1….

4 years 2 months ago

For anybody not to find this at least a bit funny is taking the whole Lochte/ Phelps thing WAY too seriously. I am a huge Phelps fan and find this hilarious!!!! This guy needs to do another video pronto!!!!!

4 years 2 months ago

Very creative lyrics! Very funny! I hope lots of people get to see this, because it’s very well-done. I would never have the balls to sing on a video like this for the world, even with Autotune correcting my pitch.

4 years 2 months ago


Marilyn Santiago
4 years 2 months ago

…I think is a funny video, but i just dont get what all the fuss is about….That Lochte guy will need a couple of Olympics to even get to the level Phelps is, what he has acomplished, so i really dont think he is that awesome, not at all…

4 years 2 months ago

They’re both amazing swimmers. Phelps has always been the star of the show but Lochte has always been up there too. Lochte has outworked every other swimmer for this Olympics and he goes to show that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t put in hard work.

Good luck to both of them, but personally, I’m a Lochte fan!

4 years 2 months ago

Funny, but I think you may have jinxed Ryan.

4 years 2 months ago


Lane Four
4 years 2 months ago

I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Who is the guy????? Excellent lyrics. Just really really great.


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