Bruno Fratus Supports ISL, But Opts Out To Focus On Olympic Long Game

After formally announcing four of its inaugural season rosters last week, the International Swimming League (ISL) held a press conference on June 18th to announce rosters for the final four teams – New York (NY) Breakers, Los Angeles (LA) Current, Team Iron, and London Roar.

As such, the majority of international swimming powerhouse swimmers have been revealed as having joined one of the 8 aforementioned squads, but we noted more than a handful of both U.S. and non-U.S. swimmers who had yet to be named to a team.

Among them are Olympic medalists Caeleb Dressel and Simone Manuel of the United States, as well as Mack Horton of Australia, James Wilby of Great Britain and Tatjana Schoenmaker of South Africa, as examples.

Another yet-unassigned athlete is 29-year-old Brazilian Olympian Bruno Fratus, the man who claimed 50m freestyle silver at the 2017 World Championships. Fratus told SwimSwam today that, “I chose not to join. I will be focusing on LCM training toward the Olympic Trials.”

The sprint veteran made clear, “I support the league and believe it will be great for the sport and the athletes.”

Several of Fratus’ countrymen have joined up across varoius ISL teams, including Breno Correia, Luiz Altamir Melo and Larissa Oliveira on the Rome-based Aqua Centurions and Vini Lanza on London Roar.

Fratus finished 6th in the Olympic final of the men’s 50m freestyle at the 2016 Games in Rio.

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Detective picatchu
3 years ago

He is going for a training trip straight after worlds and heard him say many times how exhausting competitions can be for him so there re few reasons why he wont sign for ISL this year. Dude knows what he needs

Samuel Huntington
3 years ago

I guess I don’t understand how doing a little SCM racing this fall will impact training for the Olympics next year?

Reply to  Samuel Huntington
3 years ago

Do you have much Travel it is to go from Brazil to Europe or Australia to swim a 50 and then travel back? And maybe he doesn’t like to do flip turns anymore?!😜
I am surprised Katie L is doing them….I wouldn’t be surprised if she does one and that is it

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Samuel Huntington
3 years ago

For all we know, the long flights/hotel beds might do a number on his recently repaired shoulder and interrupt his training more than the average bear.

Reply to  Samuel Huntington
3 years ago

Also consider he has his fair share of surgeries, he wants to preserve himself

3 years ago

I feel like news articles about Rio medalists joining the ISL will generate some interest for the league, so the current opt-outs might be doing some good for the league.

3 years ago

Hopefully there are more of these swimmers who decide to compete in fall 2020! Or 2021 if they need a break.

3 years ago

wouldn’t be surprised that’s the main reason why Caeleb is out too.

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