Brazil Announces Youth Paralympic Team, With Special Invite

The CBDA (Brazilian swimming federation) has announced a 12-member Youth Paralympic Team, who will be a part of a special program in mid-January.

12 swimmers, born between 1997 – 2003, will head to a Thiago Pereira Swim Camp from January 15th-21st. During that week, they will participate in all activities with one of Brazil’s best swimmers of his generation in a week that culminates with the Thiago Pereira Trophy meet on January 21st. Pereira is the 2012 Olympic silver medalist in the 400 IM, in addition to 7 career World Championship medals and 23 career Pan Am Games medals.

The athletes were selected based on meeting the Brazilian Paralympic Committee’s criteria of being closest to 6th in the world rankings in 2016.

See the full list of selected athletes below:

  • Andrey Pereira Garbe S9 class and athlete who was in Rio 2016.
    Arthur Santos Pereira class S10, Paraíba athlete.
  • Beatriz Borges Carneiro class S14 and one of the revelations of the country in Rio 2016, Paralympic finalist.
  • Debora Borges Carneiro class S14, twin sister of Beatriz and athlete of Apan de Maringá.
  • Emyly Santos Silva class S9, athlete of the Beach Club of Uberlândia.
  • Esthefany de Oliveira Rodrigues, class S5, athlete with international experience of several selections.
  • Felipe Caltran Vila Real S14 class athlete Paralympic finalist in Rio 2016.
  • José Luiz Maia Perdigão S11 class, Institute Bejamin Constant of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Laila Suzigan Garcia class S6, athlete of the Beach Club of Uberlândia.
  • Lucas Mourn Mozela S9 class paralympic athlete in Rio 2016.
  • Matheus Menezes Ribeiro class S10, athlete ABDA Bauru.
  • Wendell Belarmino Pereira class S12, athlete from Minas Brasilia of the Federal District.

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