Bob Bowman Leads ASU Women’s Swim Team To Victory

Corvallis, Oregon – The Arizona State Sun Devils women’s swim team took on the Oregon State Beavers on Saturday in Corvallis, Oregon, with the Sun Devils winning the meet with 109 points and the Beavers coming in second with 94 points. This is ASU’s first dual meet and win of the season, with their new coach Bob Bowman.

The meet started with the 200 medley relay. ASU’s ‘A’ relay, featuring Ingibjorg Jonsdottir, Kaya Philapil, Marina Spadoni, and Jamie Friderichs, came in first (1:44.50), while Oregon State’s ‘B’ relay, featuring Amani Amr, Czsarina Isleta, Andrea Young, and Anni Hecker, came in second, out-touching Oregon’s ‘A’ relay (1:48.01) with a time of 1:47.15.

In the 1000 yard freestyle, Oregon State’s Sammy Harrison came in first (10:14.34), followed by Anna Olasz (10:18.43) and Cheyenne Degraff (10:40.02) from Arizona State.

Winning the next event in the 200 yard freestyle was Kat Simonovic from ASU with the time of 1:51.88. Coming in second was Simonovic’s team mate Jennifer Morgan with the time of 1:55.09, barely out-touching her team mate Indira Ceranic who came in third with the time of 1:55.26.

The 50 yard freestyle was a close race between ASU and Oregon State. Alysha Bush from ASU came in first (23.38), putting her only .39 seconds off of the NCAA Division ‘B’ cut, while Sophie MacEwan from Oregon State came in second with the time of 24.28, barely grabbing the spot from Ingibjorg Jonsdottir, who came in third (24.30).

Cheyenne Degraff from ASU grabs first in the 200 yard IM (2:05.82), while Oregon State takes second, Megan Lam (2:08.95), and third, Andrea Young (2:10.53).

In the 200 yard butterfly, Megan Lam from Oregon State wins with the time of 2:05.98, out-touching Kat Simonovic from ASU with the time of 2:06.19. Third place was given to Brooke Meyer from Oregon State with the time of 2:09.07.

Arizona State snags first, second, and third in the 100 yard freestyle with Alysha Bush (50.82), finishing another race close to the NCAA ‘B’ cut, being only .83 seconds off the time. Finishing second was Krista Kolkebeck (52.83), followed by Raquel Grays (52.93).

Jennifer Morgan from ASU came in first in the 200 yard backstroke with the time of 2:02.37, with Amani Amr from Oregon State coming in second with the time of 2:05.48, and Indira Ceranic from ASU coming in third (2:09.70).

Sammy Harrison from Oregon State and Anna Olasz from ASU battled it out in the water during the 500 yard freestyle, making it a very close race. Harrison though came out the victor in this event with the time of 5:01.67, barely out-touching Olasz (5:01.82). Not only was it a close race, but Harrison was only 3.12 seconds off of the NCAA ‘B’ cut, with Olasz following closely behind, showing a great start to both of their seasons. Jamie Friderichs from ASU, followed closely behind her team mate, coming in third with the time of 5:04.01.

The 200 yard breaststroke was another close race during the meet, with Czsarina Isleta from Oregon State coming in first (2:21.60), Cheyenne Degraff from ASU coming in second (2:22.49), and Corrine Shigeta from Oregon State coming in third (2:22.51).

The final event of the meet was the 400 yard freestyle relay. Oregon State was the winner of this event, coming in not only first, but also second and third. The ‘B’ relay featuring Sammy Harrison, Constance Toulemonde, Tair Maimon, and Brooke Meyer came in first (3:38.86), the ‘A’ relay featuring Amani Amr Alyssa Bennett, Sophie MacEwan, and Noemie Midrez came in second (3:41.95), and the ‘C’ relay featuring Claire McLaggan, Corrine Shigeta, Jesikah Cavanaugh, and Kaitlyn Stroda came in third (3:47.62).

For the full list of the results, click here.


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5 years ago

ASU freshman 1000 yard freestyle 2nd place name is actually Mitchell Bruckman.

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