BlueSeventy Introduces the r10

blueseventy has launched the r10 competition pool race suit, the world’s first performance swimsuit to exclusively feature copper microfibers. In the water since January, all colors are now available globally and will be swimming at the summer’s major meets.

The copper infused shell enhances performance and compression. blueseventy is the first and only brand to have developed a highly hydrophobic swim specific copper fabric. Not only do the horizontal ribbons of copper hold the r10 shape, but they’ll help aid in faster recover and its anti-microbial properties will help the suit last longer.

blueseventy’s CEO, John Duquette, said; “The objective was to produce a suit that was distinctive as well as fast. Since we first launched into the pool in 2008 we have tried to look at things differently, offer something new to the market, and fully test and measure performance so that swimmers can have total confidence when they hit the water. This is our most innovative suit ever.”

Developed over three years, on three continents, blueseventy sought swim-specific biomechanics expertise through scientists including Dr. Conor Osborough in the UK, to study movement and body position, and how different fabrics and fits influenced performance.

Compression has key biomechanical, physiological and psychological benefits for swimming, and this is delivered through the r10’s highly compressive outer shell fabric as well as newly allowed double layering of fabrics. By adding a double layer of fabric specifically at the legs, r10 compression is dramatically increased on the largest muscles in the body. This helps reduce cross sectional area and therefore reduces drag.

The R10 is constructed with a flexible side fabric to compliment the highly compressive copper fabric. This side panel helps ensure different shapes and sizes of swimmers can wear the r10. It’s this fabric that influences body position, especially the section that runs across the front of the leg. The reinforcement tape encourages streamlining. All seams are ultra-sonically welded.

Helen Gorman, blueseventy’s competition swim product specialist added; “The exciting part of developing the r10 was seeing the results on the stopwatches of coaches around the world. Double layering of fabrics hasn’t previously been allowed, and for elite swimmers this is a big shift that sets the r10 apart.”

blueseventy spent significant time and research into perfecting the fit of the r10. The new power back kneeskin covers more areas of the back, reducing friction as well as compressing more of the major muscle groups of the back. The jammer is mid waist fitting with a 3D circular design, thus extending compression higher up the gluts, but retaining a lower riding front.

Stephanie Peacock, a member of the USA Swimming Open Water National team and who finished 3rd in the 800m free at the 2016 US Olympic Trials, added; “The r10 feels incredible. Once it is on it is very comfortable and fits so nicely. The shoulder straps aren’t restrictive which allowed me to be able to move more freely while swimming. My legs felt very buoyant as well!”

The R10 is available now at select blueseventy retailers and

blueseventy r10 2016, courtesy of blueseventy

blueseventy r10 2016, courtesy of blueseventyABOUT BLUESEVENTY

Founded in New Zealand in 1993 at the advent of triathlon, blueseventy is a world leader and innovator in wetsuits, swimskins, pool competition suits, goggles and swimming products. Currently based in Seattle, with offices in the UK and New Zealand, blueseventy continues to develop patterns to achieve a fit that is superior for swimming. It is superior fit that leads to the best performance and comfort so athletes in blueseventy suits emerge first from the water at every iconic race in the world including the Olympics and World Championships over every distance. blueseventy products are available worldwide at leading triathlon and swimming retailers and online. Even the name references the fact that 70 percent of the earth is covered in water. Learn more at

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4 years ago

Is this suit legal? 101.8.1B says: “All swimsuits shall be made from textile materials.” Is copper a textile material?

Reply to  Widebody
4 years ago

The r10 is built with copper infused textile fabric. It is FINA approved and legal for all competitions.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Widebody
4 years ago

The stuff on the seams of Speedo’s newest suit ain’t exactly textile, either.

As long as it’s not evil, evil rubber, it’s fine.

4 years ago

I think the male suit is allowed to rise as high as the belly button. Why has nobody introduced a suit which is truly “high waist”? As a Masters swimmer, it just logically seems the more I can turn my midsection into a bullet, the faster I will go. Plus, although I have always been and still am a “skinny swimmer”, there is now a bit more to compress in the midsection than when I was twenty. I may not be alone in this condition.

Steve Nolan
4 years ago

I think TYR had one that came up pretty high, Grevers used to wear it. Kinda made you look like a goofus, though.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
4 years ago

as a masters swimmer who is 65, who cares about your high waist suit looking like a goofus, what matters is if it helps

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