Courtney Swedeen


"He offered her the world. She said she had one of her own." -Unknown

Courtney Swedeen

Courtney Swedeen, daughter of Bret and Suzanne Swedeen was born on August 1st, 1994 in Boston, Massachusetts. Courtney’s father was a college swimmer, and throughout her childhood, Courtney and her siblings were enrolled into swimming lessons. However, when Courtney reached high school, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps by joining the Medfield High School swim team. There, she swam varsity for four years and was elected captain her senior year. When Courtney graduated she was accepted to the nursing program at Simmons College in Boston, where she currently trains under Coach Mindy Williams. Courtney enjoys competing in distance events, and is known for being the team’s nurse, as she is always willing and wanting to help with everyone’s needs!


Courtney swam for Medfield High School for four years and received a varsity letter each year. She was elected captain her senior year, and was on their League Championship winning team.

College-Simmons College


Courtney currently swims for the Simmons College sharks, where she trains under coach Mindy Williams. Courtney enjoys swimming distance events, and received the “Shark of the Week” award her freshman year.


Courtney is a standout student in the nursing program at Simmons College. She hopes to go into pediatrics with the potential to work in a NICU one day.

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 500 Free 6:55.76 01/31/15
Simmons College
scy 1000 Free 14:47.94 01/13/15
UMass Dartmouth
scy 1650 Free 24:01.30 12/07/14
Simmons College