Belmonte Taking No Risks When it Comes to the Zika Virus

In a press conference held in Madrid on Wednesday Spanish star Mireia Belmonte spoke about several issues including the Zika virus.

Belmonte told the media that she is worried about the threat the virus presents, “There is still a long way to go until the Games and things can change, but the important thing is to know that we are going to be safe and that our health is not being to be put at risk,” said Belmonte.

She said that she needs to “be sure that there is no risk of contagion” before travelling to Rio for the Games.

Belmonte is not the only high profile athlete to have expressed their concern when it comes to attending the games. American Hope Solo, who is the goaltender for the national soccer team, told Sport Illustrated, “If I had to make the choice today, I wouldn’t go.”

On a more positive note Belmonte went to tell the media that she feels strong and is well on her way to being at 100% health after suffering a shoulder injury that kept her from competing at the World Championships in Kazan. In fact she will attempt to qualify for the games in the 10 km open water event in addition to the pool events.

She was also asked about the possibility of carrying the Spanish flag at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, “It would be very special,” said Belmonte.

Although Belmonte is one of the athletes who will be considered Alejandro Blanco, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, has already stated publicly that he feels that Rafael Nadal should be the flag bearer at the Opening Ceremony in Rio.

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6 years ago

Don’t discount the seriousness of vika virus. The more people infected= the more vectors to spread the virus to innocent women when the athletes return.

Reply to  Bob
6 years ago

There is some suggestion that the virus is active for x days & it could spread via sexual contact . Possibly advise ppl not to have sex with pregnant women . That ought be pretty easy .

There is always abortion so it need not be an infinite threat . Head circumference scans would easily pick it up in utero in a first /second world country . Brazil’s problem is it. Does not allow abortion son this evidence .

6 years ago

Zika is only a threat to pregnant women in the first trimester . So Mirela can either get pregnant now whereby she will be 5 1/2 months gestation or not get pregnant before December to be extra vigilant .

As for Hope Solo , she would be lucky to find a willing man after she beat up her husband . I was indeed surprised she even had one so I guess there is a minute risk someone will volunteer.

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