Anti Wave Launches Direct Online Ordering of 2020 BackStroke Start Ledge Models

Courtesy: Anti Wave, a SwimSwam partner.

Anti Wave is proud to announce that their Newly released 2020 BackStroke Starting Ledge models are now available for direct online ordering and Flat Rate global air courier options are now available to all customers.

The new Patented Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledges range provide a durable and easy to use Adjustable BackStroke Ledge for swimmers to undertake performance backstroke starts in both training and competition.

All Backstroke Ledge models are designed and produced in Australia in collaboration with the AUS Backstroke team and top coaches, and the design meets all current FINA Specs.

Low cost direct global courier delivery is now available with Flat Rate Air Courier shipping available around the world.

Three BackStroke Start Ledge models are now available:

1/ Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledge Track Start Velcro (AWELTSV) Model: Details: For Track Start Blocks with Moveable Track Starts, with the Ledge attaching to the sides of the Track Start Ledge via 3M Velcro attachments. Intro RRP: USD155.00 ea + Flat Rate Air Courier Delivery.

Further Details and Order here

2/ Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledge Track Start (AWELTS) Model:

Details: For Track Start Blocks with Moveable Track Starts, with the ledge attaching to the rear of the Track Start.

Optional Marine Nylon Connectors available to secure to the rear of the Track Start (optional drilling to secure).

Intro RRP: USD155.00 ea + Flat Rate Air Courier Delivery.

Further Details and Order here

3/ Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledge Back Stroke Handle (AWELBH) Model: Details: For attachment to Block BackStroke Handles, suitable for most block models.

Intro RRP: USD155.00 ea + Flat Rate Air Courier Delivery.

Further details and Order here

For more detailed information including image gallery, videos, Spec Sheets for each item, and online ordering options with PayPal payment and global Flat Rate air courier delivery, please visit below website, or click the links in blue above.

Online BackStroke Starting Ledge ordering:

Anti Wave Full online catalogue and International Web HQ:

Any questions, or for Reseller and Distributer order enquiries please contact us directly by email at [email protected]

About Anti Wave International:

Anti Wave is dedicated to the design, innovation and production of the world’s finest performance swimming, water polo, leisure, pool deck and pool programming equipment.

Since 1972 Anti Wave have lead the world in product innovation and development and Anti Wave products are selected for top facilities including Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games Aquatic Venues, FINA World Cup Venues, National Swim and Polo Championships and countless national, regional, state and local aquatic facilities around the world.

Today Anti Wave continue to supply the world’s best Competition Swim, Polo and Pool Deck equipment, with focus on the highest quality designs and best value products available to all swimmers, athletes, and facility managers in each country around the world through our extensive network of Global Authorised Resellers and Distributers.

Anti Wave International currently has Licensed production in 9 countries and Anti Wave products are exported to over 150 countries. Anti Wave continues work hard to make our products readily available to an expanding number of countries, and provide the best quality and value aquatic sports equipment around the world.

Anti Wave innovations continue to today including the first international development and installation of the TrackStart Starting Block, Patented in 2002 and featured in the FINA Approved SuperBlock 800 Model.

Anti Wave Water MAXI Racing Lanes set the standard for Top Competition Swimming Racing Lanes and are unmatched in terms of quality, design and advanced wave calming effect. Since Anti Wave supplied the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 with the first incarnation of the Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lane there have been many inferior copies of our lanes and equipment. Having undergone constant improvement and innovation, our Patented design MIDI and MAXI Anti Wave Racing Lanes are produced to the highest technical and material specifications and their advanced wave calming effect continues to lead the way around the world.

Our Water Polo equipment including Anti Pro Polo Goals, Polo Fields, Referee WalkWays and full game play equipment continues to be selected for top aquatic venues around the world including recently the 2017 South East Asian Games Venue located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast Facility & 2018 FINA World Cup Venue, Auckland. Our top Swim and Polo equipment most recently selected for the 2019 South East Asian Games Facility, Clark City Phillipines.

When performance counts, pools choose Anti Wave equipment.

Anti Wave International Pty Ltd

Brisbane, Australia

E: [email protected] W:

Anti Wave…Since Munich 1972 Olympics…Quality Australian designs…Leading Global maker of Swimming Racing Lanes, Starting Blocks and Polo Goals. Licensed production and distribution in 9 countries and growing. Click here for our 2020 Anti Wave Product Brochure. Contact us for more info.


Courtesy: Anti Wave, a SwimSwam partner. 

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