5 Entries for Missy in Omaha

  24 Braden Keith | June 13th, 2012 | National, News, U.S. Olympic Trials

The Denver Post is reporting that Missy Franklin will have 5 events at the upcoming Olympic Trials in Omaha – the 50, 100, and 200 freestyles, as well as the 100 and 200 backstrokes.

Coach Todd Schmitz clarified that 5 entries does not necessarily mean that she’ll swim all 5 – many athletes will over-enter races before deciding their official schedules.

This event lineup is what most probably expected from her; the only one that doesn’t fit into her core lineup is the 50 free, and that comes at the end of the meet schedule so we will see many “why not” entries in that event.

Though they’ve opted against the 200 IM, she’ll still have a tough day-3 double with the women’s 200 free semi-final coming one race before the 100 back final.

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Interesting to see how she will do in the 100 free. Outside shot to go 1 or 2 in that event. We’ll need someone to step up as the Dutch women look to be unbeatable again.

No problem with the 50 free. It’s at the end of the trials. It’s just for fun. For the rest of her schedule not at the trials but at the olympic games I continue my lobbying for the 100 back instead of the 200 free. She can easily swim around 58.50 in the 100 back and win the gold medal if she doesn’t swim the 200 free before. If she swims the 2 events I think she says goodbye to the gold medal in the 100 back and she’ll play the third place behind Camille Muffat and Allison Schmitt in the 200 free. She must keep the freestyle for the relays. She’s the queen of backstroke. With better underwaters she’s… Read more »
Someone may have to correct me on this, but hasn’t Natalie always triumphed (thus far) in all her head-to-head battles with Missy in the 100 back? I would never count Natalie out as she has this uncanny knack of getting her hand to the wall when it really matters 🙂 So whilst I don’t doubt Missy to have potential physical superiority over Natalie in this event, the psychoalogical aspects have to be considered as well. Not to overlook either that Missy has always looked up to Natalie reportedly, so that could factor in… I’m really crossing my fingers that Missy will repeat her brilliant performances this summer starting with trials, but privately worry that my expectations may have become a… Read more »

Coughlin is a great proven champion, but at almost 30, I don’t think she will beat the 17 yo Missy.

I don’t think age is a problem for this short event. It’s just about the pure talent. Only on the potential between the 2 walls Missy is far ahead of every backstroker in the world. The key for her is the beginning of the race. If she has improved her start and her underwaters she’s unbeatable.

As you’ve mentioned repeatedly, Franklin has a lot of talent, and her underwaters are her biggest shortcoming. However, talent still has to be developed, and Coughlin’s been working on that underwater for a decade. If you compare Franklin’s underwaters from the grand prix meets with her underwaters at Nationals, does it look like they’re on the level with the other elite backstrokers? I’m sure she and Todd have been hard at work on them, but Franklin’s still physically maturing, and she her swimming doesn’t have the coordination, flexibility, or control of some of her competitors.

Thank you for linking that awesome article! Todd Schmitz is my new favorite person.


Yes that article was good, informative reading!

Here are a couple of other, recent articles on Missy, from the Denver Post:


The Denver Post, not surprisingly, is a pretty active resource when it comes to articles on Missy.

Another one posted a couple of days ago:

I wouldn’t count out Natalie in the backstroke. I watched her at Santa Clara. She was SO much better than everybody else (including the very fast Australians) on the starts and turns (I’m talking almost a body length). I think that if she hits her taper she she won’t fade as much at the end and should be able to do something special (possibly wishful thinking, but hey…).

I know Natalie is amazing with her turns and her underwaters and she will probably be in the mix for the podium at the next olympic games. But only on the potential between the 2 walls Missy is far ahead every backstroker in the world. And I doubt Natalie is able to swim 58.50 this summer. Missy has a big margin of progression and when everything will be together in her race she will swim a monster time.

Jean Michel

will be very interesting to follow her races !!! no doubt


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