4 Questions That Everyone Asks at a Swim Meet

Courtesy: Swimmingly, a SwimSwam partner. 

Have you ever been on a summer swimming pool deck and wondered?

  1. When is my child swimming?
  2. How did my child do?
  3. What’s the score of the meet?
  4. When can I leave?

Let’s be honest, summer swim meets can be long. And most of the time, we have no idea what is going on…UNTIL NOW!

SwimminglyFan is here to create a swim meet and swim season that is more fun and enjoyable for EVERYONE. Parents deserve to be included in on the fun of seeing times and results. As SwimminglyFan unfolds, we are seeing more of the operational burden of a swim meet being removed from the shoulders of club administrators. For most families, it all starts on the summer swimming pool deck. It’s where we fall in love with the sport and most importantly, where we learn all about how swim meets are run. The strength of swimming is in its participation and now it’s possible to keep the parents and families in the loop.

NO…This does not include additional volunteers 🙂 Because Swimmingly runs the swim meet with no paper and fewer volunteers, the ability to access this information – whether it be unofficial or official results – will be at the tip of your fingers. Now, it’s possible for the parents to know the results before their swimmers circle back to them after the races. “Nice job, Sarah! You just went a best time!” This is now possible…

1.  When is my child swimming?

This is certainly the most common question that we hear on the pool deck. With SwimminglyFan, each parent has the ability to receive PUSH NOTIFICATIONS for their own children (or friends) 3 events before their swimmer is about to hop in and race! Along with the helpful notifications, ALL parents now have access to the heat sheet in their pockets.

2.  How did my child do?

Every parent wants to know how their kids are doing at a swim meet. I think we can all agree that not all parents are on the same level when it comes to the intricacies of swimming.

3.  What’s the score of the meet?

Not ALL summer swim meets are scored, and that’s great! But, there are many teams and leagues across the world that get pretty competitive. Another very common question amongst chatter on the pool deck, “What’s the score?” We have all been to a meet where it comes down to the final relay. Not everyone will know the score or how close the meet is until the cheering picks up. We want cheering to continue throughout the entire meet and having the score in front of you will certainly help!

4.  When can I leave?

Yes! Swim meets are long. Parents and families are hanging around a 3+ hour swim meet just to watch their children swim for a few minutes. The life of a swim parent indeed. Swim parents are the heroes that make these swim meets possible so they should certainly know when they can get the heck out of there. The swim meet progress bar will do exactly that!

What is Swimmingly?

If you’ve ever run a summer swim meet, you know that the problem is all the paper! Wet time cards, missing DQ slips, runners, and stressed volunteers! If you believe in shorter swim meets, fewer volunteers, and less paper, Swimmingly is for YOU! Swimmingly is an app and software tailor-made for summer & recreational swim families. It’s now easy for any new swim parent to volunteer at swim meets, know how their kids are doing, when they swim, scores of the meets and when they can get the heck out of there! It’s time for everyone to enjoy summer swimming a little bit more! Learn more here at Swimmingly.app.

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