2022 Zone A: UVA Women Qualify Two More Divers For NCAAs On Day 2

Though we’re not DiveDove, we do dabble in diving coverage, and as diving can have a major impact on the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships, we cover NCAA Zone Diving – mainly through the lens of how national diving qualifiers could impact the team points battles later this month.


  • Zone A: US Naval Academy / Annapolis, Md.
  • Zone B: Georgia Tech Aquatic Center / Atlanta, Ga.
  • Zone C: Canham Natatorium / Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • Zone D: Soderholm Aquatic Center / Madison, Wisc.
  • Zone E: Wall Aquatic Center / Flagstaff, Ariz.


Rutgers’ Abigail Knapton came out on top in the women’s 3-meter event on Tuesday, adding a second event to her NCAA schedule after placing fourth in the 1-meter earlier in the meet.

The Virginia Cavaliers, who had Jennifer Bell qualify for NCAAs on 1-meter on Monday, had two more divers earn NCAA spots with Elizabeth Kaye taking a close second to Knapton and Charlotte Bowen claiming the fifth and final spot available for qualification in the event. Bowen notably edged out Harvard’s Elizabeth Miclau by just over three points, 589.45 to 586.30, for that last NCAA spot.

Buffalo’s Victoria Franz and Rutgers’ Savana Trueb both added a second event to their schedules after qualifying in the 1-meter on Monday, while Bell was 11th so she’ll get to compete in the 3-meter at NCAAs as well (divers who qualify in one event can compete in any other event in which they finish in the top 12 at their respective zone meet, like an NCAA ‘B’ cut in swimming).


Virginia Tech’s Noah Zawadzki placed first in the men’s 1-meter, dominating the field by over 90 points with a score of 761.45.

Zawadzki, WVU’s Paul Lenz and Pitt’s Cameron Cash all booked their NCAA tickets in the event, with 3-meter winner Jonathan Suckow adding a second event to his schedule.

There were only four qualifying spots up for grabs in this event.

By virtue of finishing in the top 12, Havard’s Adam Wesson, Pitt’s Dylan Reed and Princeton’s Colten Young will be able to compete in this event at NCAAs after qualifying in the 3-meter, while Zawadzki and Cash will now be eligible to dive in the 3-meter.


Reimbursed divers are in bold and designated with a star*, with invited-but-not-reimbursed divers in non-bold. You can read more about the distinction below. Note that we’re covering which divers are currently in position to earn reimbursement, and that could change depending on results later in the competition.


Diver Event(s)
Teagan Moravek, Virginia Tech* 1m
Victoria Franz, Buffalo* 1m, 3m
Savana Trueb, Rutgers 1m, 3m
Abigail Knapton, Rutgers* 1m, 3m
Jennifer Bell, Virginia 1m, 3m
Elizabeth Kaye, Virginia* 3m
Charlotte Bowen, Virginia 3m


Diver Event(s)
Jonathan Suckow, Columbia* 1m, 3m
Adam Wesson, Harvard* 1m, 3m
Dylan Reed, Pitt 1m, 3m
Colten Young, Princeton 1m, 3m
Noah Zawadzki, Virginia Tech* 1m, 3m
Paul Lenz, WVU* 1m
Cameron Cash, Pitt 1m, 3m


You can read a more in-depth look at the selection process here.

Effectively, each zone earns a specific number of qualifying spots in each event, based on how that Zone performed at NCAAs last year. Divers who place inside the qualifying places earn an NCAA invite. A diver invited in one event can compete at NCAAs in any other diving event where they were top 12 in their Zone meet.

The highest-placing divers earn NCAA reimbursement, while lower-placing qualifiers can compete at NCAAs, but their school must pay for their travel and lodging at the meet.

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1 year ago

Drew is doing work over there and I love to see it. Wonder if he would go for Scoggin’s job down in Austin whenever he retires..

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HOO love
1 year ago

HOOS! Drew Livingston upping the diving program for UVA!! Great work by all

1 year ago

So what happens when divers are top 5 in more than one event like Franz, Knapton, and Trueb? Does the sixth place person then qualify?

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