2018 Commonwealth Games: Peaty No Longer Listed Among 2Breast Entries


Although we’re awaiting the official heat sheets for Thursday’s Commonwealth Games swimming events, we can at least be teased with revised entry lists on the official Commonwealth Games website. Most of the events for day 1 remain unchanged, including the men’s 400m freestyle, women’s 400m IM, men’s 50m fly, women’s 50m breast, and men’s 100m back. However, there is a glaring absence noted in the men’s 200m breaststroke, as England’s Adam Peaty is no longer listed among the entrants.

Competing against the likes of Scotland’s Ross Murdoch, Australia’s Matt Wilson and his own countryman Andrew Willis, Peaty was not expected to stand atop the podium in this longer distance. However, as the 23-year-old has said post-Rio he’d like to explore the 200m more in his quest to earn at least 50 international medals by the time his career is said and done, it would have been very enlightening to see Peaty go up against some stacked competition on an intentional stage in the event.

For the women, Jazz Carlin is not listed among the women’s 200m freestyle entrants. She will still be tackling the longer freestyle events, but was a viable minor medal prospect, if not at least the top 5 in this event. Still representing Wales in the event is 7th seeded Kathryn Greenslade and 12th seeded Ellena Jones.

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A bit disappointing if he is no longer entered; I was always hoping he would do it but maybe deep down thought it was a long shot. Still, I’d like to think whatever decision he and Mel have come to will only be in the best interest of his 50 and 100 so hopefully we’ll see something absolutely special in those events!


On another note, Peaty was in an interview recently where he talked about the importance of leaving a legacy. Purely from an Olympic point of view would be interesting to hear what people think about how he will go down as a breaststroker vs Kitajima in terms of Olympic success should he stick purely to the shorter distances.


Kitajima will be greater. Doing the 100/200 double twice is legendary. Phelps in 100/200 fly is the only other one in recent memory to do it.


I think time will decide that; If Peaty gets the four-peat he has spoken of going for, that will be an unrivalled achievement in swimming. Gold in the same event and four Olympics on the bounce would, for me, be superior to two double doubles so time will tell.

It blew my mind to hear an athlete speaking of 2028 as Peaty was last week.


Phelps has done the four peat tho, 200IM 04/08/12/16. I thing the double double is still the greater of the two achievements. Perfect blend of speed/endurance/longevity


Phelps, how could I forget Phelps.

I’d still disagree RE Kitajima. I’d say Peaty is already far more dominant than Kitajima ever was (he only won 3 world golds!! Reading that blew.my mind) and of he does end his career with the four peat, he’d slip in above KK.

That said, all this relies on Peaty never doing a 200. I’ve always said hell take a run at it 2021/2022/2023, after he has defended his Olympic title. If he does that and it goes well; I think well see him swim then 200 at an Olympic Games.


Kitajima did a blatant fly kick on the 100m pull-outs in Athens before it was legal which is cheating. Plus Peaty is much more dominant in the 100m


He will go down as the best sprint breaststroker in history but in terms of overall ability Kitajima will take that. Not too many athletes swim both the 100 and 200 at a level where they can medal in both on a world stage, (Cordes is the only one I can think of at the moment) let alone win gold in both at consecutive olympics

Just Sayin

What a tease

E Gamble

If Peaty can’t win it….he’s not swimming it. This is no surprise at all.


This is kind of what I wondered. I think perhaps his desire to be undefeated overrides his wish to experiment with the 200 therefore he chooses not to swim it.


If that’s true it’s kinda unfortunate. Guys like Thorpe (who swam 100 free) and Phelps (200 free) were legends in large part because they attempted events they might not (and didn’t in some cases) win. Even Le Clos did 200 free in Rio and medaled.


Thorpe even swam the 200IM at 2003 Worlds just got lols once and although smashed by Phelps, still walked away with a silver medal!

Steve Nolan

Oh man, this reminded me of the 200 free in Athens. Such a cool race.


Agreed, it means he’ll never be in that class.

I think the issue is he’s essentially created a different, sprint focussed style of breastroke which is unsustainable for 200 as it’s powerful but less efficient, kind of like straight arm free. Certainly at 2016 Trials he died absolutely horribly on the 200 despite being in peak 100 shape (with no 50 that year).

I think he’d actually have a better shot at being an all around sprinter, kind of like Morozov or (amongst other things for him) Dressel, but no idea of he’ll try it.

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