2015 Men’s NCAA Champioships: Texas Qualifies 6 Swimmers For The A final Of The 100 Butterfly

Yesterday, Texas had the best morning session as a team with 6 A final swims and one B final swim. Today, Texas’ butterfliers started engraving their name on the 2015 National Championship trophy after a monster showing in the prelims 100 butterfly. It is one thing to sweep a dual meet, or even the Big 12 Championships, but it is unheard of at the NCAA Championships. Typically, the biggest final for one team that you will see from one team is two, maybe three swimmers. After looking through the NCAA Championships results, the biggest finals that we have found so far from one team was Auburn in 2003 and then again in 2007. They had four swimmers qualify for the A final of the 50 freestyle. Texas also put four swimmers into the A final of the 200 freestyle at the 2009 NCAA Championships.

The Longhorns just put SIX swimmers into the A final of the 100 butterfly. Yes, you read that correctly, SIX!

Texas is now in a position to outscore all but the top 9 or 10 team’s final scores for the entire meet in the 100 butterfly alone. On paper, Texas is expected to score 91 points from the 100 butterfly. Without any disqualifications, the best they could do is pick up 95 points and the worst the could do is score 81 points.

The A final of the 100 Butterfly:

  1. Joseph Schooling – TX – 45.04
  2. Jack Conger – TX – 45.17
  3. Tripp Cooper – TX – 45.33
  4. Will Glass – TX – 45.50
  5. Sam Lewis – UNC – 45.60
  6. Matt McHugh – OSU – 45.82
  7. John Murray – TX – 45.89
  8. Matt Ellis – TX – 45.92

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5 years ago


Reply to  SwimSchwab
5 years ago

Then stop watching NCAA because there is nothing for you. That may be the most impressive thing I have ever seen out of an NCAA meet. It’s near impossible to put 3 up 3 down even without knocking each other out of a swim. I don’t know if we will ever see a team put 6 in the bigs again in this lifetime.

Reply to  Formerlonghorn
5 years ago

sarcasm much?

Reply to  SwimSchwab
5 years ago

Little life hack. Sarcasm doesn’t work for written word

Reply to  Formerlonghorn
5 years ago

Oh, you’re soooooooo right. It toooootally doesn’t.

5 years ago

They must have had some great fly sets in practice! This will be a fun race to watch tonight, especially with several coming off the 2Medley relay.

Reply to  gator
5 years ago

They do tons and tons of 25s underwater dolphin to start EVERY practice.


“Reese says that in every practice for the last 18 months, his team has done 30-40 25’s butterfly kicking.” No wonder, eh?

Reply to  EmZee
5 years ago

I think I will do whatever Eddie Reese says when it comes to fly after what happened this morning. I will blindly and mindlessly copy his set of 25s with Butterfly kick and I don’t care if it fits into my existing practice plans/season plans.

5 years ago

At the same meet in 2007 Arizona went 1, 3, 4, 5 in the 200 free

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