2014 Youth Olympics: Day 5 Finals Live Recap





Prelims begin at 10AM local time and finals begin at 6PM local time. Around the world that’s:

  • 7PM/3AM U.S. West Coast Time
  • 8PM/4AM U.S. Mountain Time
  • 9PM/5AM U.S. Central Time
  • 10PM/6AM U.S. East Coast Time
  • 11PM/7AM Rio de Janeiro Time
  • 3AM/11AM London Time
  • 4AM/Noon Berlin/South Africa Time
  • 6AM/2PM Moscow Time
  • 11AM/7PM Tokyo Time
  • Noon/8PM Sydney Time

Men’s 800 Freestyle – Timed Finals

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: N/A
  • Junior World Record: 7:45.67 – Mack Horton – Australia – 2013

Egypt’s Akram Ahmed took first overall in a 7:54.29, thus claiming the first official title in this distance at the Youth Olympic Games. Ukraine’s Mykhailo Romanchuk (7:56.34) and Norway’s Henrik Christiansen (7:57.07) followed for the silver and bronze medals.

Results in PDF here

Women’s 100 Butterfly – Semi Finals

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: 59.87 – Liu Jan – China
  • Junior World Record: 58.34  Svetlana Chimrova – Russia – 2013

Liliana Szilaygi of Hungary rattled the Junior World record and the Hungarian national record with a top time of 58.50. This is just off the Hungarian national record of 58.39 set back in 2008 by Eszter Dara. Filling out the rest of the top 3 is China’s Yufei Zhang (58.78) and Australia’s Brianna Throssell (59.89).

Results in PDF here

Men’s 100 Freestyle – Semi Finals

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: 49.99 – Medhy Metella – France
  • Junior World Record: 48.35 – Matheus Santana – Brazil – 2014

Brazilian Matheus Santana posted the top time at 49.30. Following for 2nd and 3rd headed into finals are the Netherlands’ Kyle Stolk (49.78) and Italy’s Alessandro Bori (49.91)

 Results in PDF here

Women’s 50 Freestyle – Semi Finals

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: 25.40 – Tang Yi – China
  • Junior World Record: 24.95 – Rozaliya Nasretdinova – Russia – 2014

Top seed goes to Rozaliya Naretdinova in a 25.20. Following for 2nd and 3rd going into finals are Australia’s Ami Matsuo (25.40) and Daria Ustinova (25.42) from Russia.

Results in PDF here

Men’s 50 Butterfly – FINALS

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: 23.64 – Andrii Govorov – Ukraine
  • Junior World Record: 23.28 – Evgeny Sedov – Russia – 2014

Yu Hexin of China captures the title in a 23.69. His swim just edges Trinidad and Tobago’s Dylan Carter (23.81), who takes second overall. Third place goes to the Netherlands’ Mathys Goosen in a 24.13.

Results in PDF here

Women’s 50 Backstroke – FINALS

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: 29.19 – Mathilde Cini – France 
  • Junior World Record: 28.14 – Gabrielle Fa’amausili – New Zealand – 2013

Maaike de Waard of the Netherlands takes gold with a 28.36 winning effort. British swimmer Jessica Fullalove takes silver in a 28.66 while New Zealand’s Gabrielle Fa’amausili takes the bronze with a 28.69.

Results in PDF here

Men’s 50 Breaststroke – Semi Finals

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: 28.55 – Ivan Capan – Croatia 
  • Junior World Record:  27.74 – Peter John Stevens – Slovenia – 2013

Croatia’s Nikola Obrovac posts the top time of the semifinal session to secure the middle lane entering finals. He is followed closely by Venezuela’s Carlos Claverie (28.19) and Russia’s Anton Chupkov (28.50).

Results in PDF here

Women’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay – FINALS

  • 2010 Youth Olympic Champion: 3:46.64 –  China 
  • Junior World Record:  3:41.40 – Russia – 2013

China set a new Junior World Record in the 4×100 freestyle relay thanks to the efforts of Yuhan Qiu (54.93), Hun Ye (58.58), Yufei Zhang (54.09), and Duo Shen (53.59). The relay was actually behind going into the final leg but Shen’s anchor split was more than enough to overcome Darie Mullakaeva and her Russian teammates. Russia would take silver in a 3:42.39, while Australia would take bronze in a 3:44.44.

Results in PDF here

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8 years ago

A 0.30 second reaction time by Canada’s Danielle Hanus in the women’s 50m backstroke. Wow.

8 years ago

The link below goes to the selection process of USA swimmers to the Youth Olympic Games.


8 years ago

The BIG question, is why did the USA withdraw from finals of the men’s 4×100 medley relay?

8 years ago

Would it be possible to include the places/times of US swimmers in your brief synopsis? That YOG website is really annoying and it takes too long to try to find them because I’m not even sure when we have a person entered. Thank you for your efforts, Troy!

8 years ago

Small correction. The men’s 800m freestyle gold medalist is Ahmed Akram not Akram Ahmed. 😀

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