2 Of 3 Chinese Who Failed Doping Tests Issued Warning Penalty

As reported last week, the China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) announced that there have been 6 recent positive tests for banned substances by Chinese swimmers. Three positive tests were for clenbuterol dating back to late August/early September, while there were 3 positive tests in January of this year.

3 of the 6 athletes who tested positive had their names later released by the Shanghai Daily, as those of Zhao Ying, Wang Lizhou, and An Jiabao. The 3 all tested positive for clenbuterol in 2015. The names of the other three swimmers, who ShanghaiDaily.com reports all tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide in January, have been kept private.

In response, the Chinese Swimming Association has announced it will be issuing a ‘warning penalty’ to swimmers An Jiabo and Wang Lizhou. Additionally, the CSA has issued a warning and monetary fine to Wang’s Chinese Navy team and An’s Tianjin club.

The aforementioned swimmers’ coaches have also been dinged with a monetary penalty to the equivalent of the cost of 5 stimulant detection tests, totaling approximately 5,000 yan ($767.94). The CSA will also be inflicting a penalty equivalent to the cost of 10 doping test to the unit overseeing athletes for the Navy’s Swimming and Diving team, as well as the Tianjin Swimming Association.

The CSA’s online statement reads that its decisions were made in accordance with FINA’s anti-doping rules.

More, including a potential statement by the CSA, will be reported when available.

You can read the Chinese Swimming Association’s statements directly on their website at the following links:

Statement on An Jiabo (Tianjin)

Statement on Wang Lizhou (Navy)

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ct swim fan
7 years ago

Can China actually do this? Why aren’t they automatically disqualified for a set amount of time? The FINA drug policy apparently lacks teeth.

Reply to  ct swim fan
7 years ago

ct swim fan – the vas majority of drug policy is set by WADA, not FINA.

Victor P
7 years ago

Get ready for some inordinately fast, once every 4 years swims!

7 years ago

A Fine? Really?


7 years ago

Clenbuterol use now only gets a warning? What is Wada’s position on this? Seems like a huge slap in the face to swimmers who don’t dope.

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