Thoman and Grevers Both Clear American Record at Winter Nationals

Friday was the night of “anything you can do I can do, too.” First, Katie Ledecky and Missy Franklin both broke National Age Group Records in the 200 free.

Then, an hour later, this meet really got fast. Nick Thoman and Matt Grevers both broke the American Record in the 100 SCY backstroke in the session’s final individual event. Thoman was a 44.07, and Grevers swam a 44.49, both of which were under the 44.50 that Grevers swam at this same meet last year.

The comparative splits:

  Grevers (Old Record) Grevers (2nd in 2013) Thoman (New American Record)
First 50 21.43 21.48 21.60
Second 50 23.12 23.01 22.47
Total 44.55 44.49 44.07

Grevers swam effectively the same race as he did last year, but Thoman has a monstrous back-half – echoing back to his days as a great 200 backstroker as well.

Thoman looks refreshed after taking most of the summer off (he skipped the World Championship Trials, but swam the U.S. Open to ensure he remained on the national team).

This is also the U.S. Open Record, as the fastest time ever swum on American soil (in yards races, that realistically means the best ever, or the World Record).

Full meet recaps available here.


  1. bobo gigi says:

    Crazy swim!
    What a finish for Thoman!
    That record could last a very long time.
    Yes, the break he took after London has been very productive.
    He’s stronger than ever.


    So happy to see him back in great shape . As Bobo mentioned , stronger & faster than ever . GREVERS , even so tall is doing great in short yard pools which shows his great ability to shine from LC meter pools to short course Meter pools and SC yard pools . Amazing talent and happy Husband . Right now , in Usa , it’s obvious that the field on backstroke for the Men as for the Women is simply mindblowing . Grevers , Thoman , Lochte , Plummer , Murphy ,Clary just to mention the ones who have shined allready on Big stage meets so far in the past years ( WC or Olympics ). The next WC or Olympics promise great battles on backstroke without any doubt possible . I wish i could have seen that race of friday final but my internet connection is too slow . Well done Gentlemen , U rock

  3. It was quite a race. I am glad for Nick Thoman and Swimmac

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