Olympic Medalist Mitch Ivey’s Lifetime Ban Becomes Official

The month-long appeal period for the lifetime ban on former swim coach Mitch Ivey has expired with no result, meaning that the accused sexual abuser has been added to USA Swimming’s public list of individuals permanently suspended or ineligible late Monday afternoon.

Ivey, a 1968 and 1972 Olympic medalist, is also a former coach at the University of Florida, among other places. Ivey’s ban comes several years after his original accuser, Suzette Moran, made the public announcement that she had been abused by her coach as a child; though she did not refer to Ivey specifically, context clues led most to believe that he was the coach she was referring to.

To see more about the Ivey story, click here. Ceci Christy, a SwimSwam contributor who is also an attorney and has led our coverage\on sexual abuse in swimming for the last year, will also follow-up in the next few days with more analysis of the Ivey case.

Ivey is the 20th coach to be banned in 2013, the busiest year on record for USA Swimming. The full public list can be seen here.


  1. Ampersand says:

    What a sad story for all those who he harmed. He had it all … George’s chosen successor at one of the greatest swim programs … Olympian … Chose to do what felt good for him regardless of the consequences to others. Used his position of authority to groom and seduce attractive young women. Many in the sport knew what he was up to but did nothing. Very sad.

    • SwimGirl says:

      Thank God for this! What is so unbelievable is that Mitch was one of the biggest offenders in this sport. Most of the other coaches on the deck knew exactly what he was doing to us. No one ever stepped in to stop it and sadly, several other coaches followed his pattern of grooming and abuse. He should have been one of the FIRST coaches banned. For all the nay-sayers out there, you have no idea. When you are at this level of a sport, you give all you have to be the best and while you may be well travelled and mature when it comes to the sport, you are not when it comes to being street smart or “worldly.” I lived through many years of this and watched Mitch, and others, first hand. It’s about time!

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