Group of Columbia Swimmers Produce Electronic Rap Video About Organic Chemistry

A group of swimmers at Columbia (though they’re not all currently on the Lions’ varsity squad) have put together a pretty cool, and infinitely nerdy, organic chemistry video for their Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3443) class.

The video features current team member Alex Ngan and former swimmers Zhaoqi Li and Mitchell Veith, and was produced by Columbia junior Stanley Wong and former swimmer Daniel Gosek.

This is what college is supposed to be about. A group of guys who found their connection through the water, and even though they aren’t all still on the swim team, they’ve put their young, creative minds together in academic pursuit, and produced something pretty cool.

The Columbia swim team is on a winter break until they race Bucknell on the road on January 4th.

The song is titled “W ER K”.


  1. seangodlike says:

    3:46-3:48 is my favorite part

  2. Kevin says:


  3. Ragnar Darko says:

    I wonder how long this took to render..

  4. Eugene G says:

    This is awesome.

  5. Love this. Go Swimmer-Chemists!!

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