Welcome to the Church of Bolles – 6AM Service #Believe

Jason Calanog will be your preacher for the day, and Jacob Andrasco is the converted. The congregation is the Bolles School Sharks, they come and go, come and go.

Today’s service will be 4 hours long, and no fear will be allowed.

Schedule of the hymns:

200 x 100’s, short course yards

10 on the 1:20
90 on the 1:10-1:15
100 on the 1:05-1:15

Last 5 butterfly.

Ready, go.

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Certainly an impressive feat. Just hoping that coach doesn’t actually think that was a valuable workout…

It’s not like the whole team did it. This may be a kid who’s training for the 1650-open water swims. in what will probably be surprise to folks who comment here regularly I’m OK with this. It’s what the coach thought this one dude needed.


Since it was only a challenge set there’s nothing wrong with it. I just hope that other coaches don’t consider that type of set to be physiologically beneficial.

Coach Jason

Dear Swimming Fans,

The point of the video was to show people that if your swimmer and coach BELIEVE in each other anything is possible. The set was his idea and he wanted to accomplish this feat. (5 years ago he could barely walk 1 time around a track) I congratulate him for his dedication with Bolles swimming and his determination to want to do it.

We did a 5,000 yard practice that day.


Jason Calanog

No Apology Necessary!

No Apologies for Good Distance (Aerobic) Work! Those that don’t understand are ignorant! Aerobic (EN1) should be 40% of weekly yardage according to Maglischo….


Sorry, but I don’t think any exercise physiologist would agree that it was a good aerobic set.

However, it was a great accomplishment nonetheless and that is not diminished.

The Science

No Apology Necessary!, Your claim that Maglischo recommends 40% of weekly yardage is incorrect. If you’re going to follow the science (more swim coaches need to, good job) please keep up with the science too. Also, it’s helpful to provide links to your findings to help support your claims. A couple quotes from Maglischo’s 2012 update on training zone’s- “Ten to 20 mins of continuous or short rest swimming at a time is probably the minimum time required to produce an adequate training effect (of EN1 adaptations).” Ten to 20 mins isn’t 40% of weekly volume, assuming a swimmer has a traditional 2 hour practice. Maglisho also states- “Not having coached swimmers for several years, I do not feel qualified… Read more »

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