WATCH: Coleman’s Carpool with Michael Andrew: Part 2

In our world today, everything is documented. We seek candid, honest media about the people we look up to in order to get to know the real “them”. At Swimswam, we seek to bring you just that. We want to get to know swimmers inside AND outside the pool, and we want to share those moments of our sport’s best personalities with you.

So we invite you to come take a ride.

In Coleman’s Carpool, our new video series, we get the insider’s perspective on your favorite swimmers. Our head of production here at Swimswam, Coleman Hodges, invites swimmers to take a ride with him and talk about anything… except swimming!

It’s a relaxed, comfortable environment where riders can kick back and chat about who they are as people, not just swimmers. From hobbies to school work, life goals to family goals, we’ll discuss those aspects you don’t always get to here in the post race interview.


This week I met with the youngest Pro in the history of the sport, Michael Andrew. We discussed a myriad of topics on our way to go meet his family for lunch, and in my opinion one of his most trademark qualities is the fact that he’s always doing some sort of activity in his travels. Boating, wake boarding, dirt biking; there’s always SOMETHING for Michael. Listen to what he has to say about his development for this psuedo-sport love, as well as his obsession for anything with 2 wheels.

Hop in!



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I was getting worried. We hadn’t had a Michael andrew article in a couple of days!

Steve Nolan

Lowkey, but I’d be very appreciative if you slowly add more and more things to your rearview mirror. Just take up the whole screen in a couple months.

No need to credit me, that idea’s free.

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Coleman Hodges

Coleman started his journey in the water at age 1, and although he actually has no memory of that, something must have stuck. A Missouri native, he joined the Columbia Swim Club at age 9, where he is still remembered for his stylish dragon swim trunks. After giving up on …

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