Want to Swim in College? How Do You Find The Right School?

Contributor, Rick Paine, is a friend and an expert on the college recruiting process. He is also the Director of Swimming at American College Connection. 

It is a special feeling when you are lucky enough to find the “right” school. Some student-athletes describe the feeling as “gut instinct”.

To help you determine if you have indeed found the “right” school, ask yourself the following questions about each school.

  1. Are you excited about the academic possibilities?
  2. What are the employment opportunities with a degree from this school?
  3. Do you feel that you can reach your athletic potential and your expectations?
  4. Can you envision yourself spending the next four to five years of your life with the student-athletes and coaches…. and being happy?
  5. Can you afford it? You and your parents should have an agreed upon price range that everyone can live with. Stick to it!
  6. Do you share in the team’s expectations?
  7. Are you comfortable with the surrounding community? If you experience a full college career, you will become part of the community. There is no better feeling than to be considered a local hero and role model, but be prepared for the responsibility that goes along with it.
  8. Can you handle the academic and athletic workload? Do you feel there is enough help available from the coaches and the academic support personnel?
  9. Do you feel secure? You can expect to be homesick for the first few months of college; however if you feel secure and have enough support at the school it will make it easier to be away from home.
  10.  Have you spoken with your club and/or high school coach? They are the ones who helped you get to this level and they know your swimming better than anyone else. They deserve to be in the loop.

Follow your instincts!

As of the end of October American College Connection has 26 seniors who have given their verbal commitment. We are getting contacted daily by college coaches who are still looking for recruits.

If you have not found the right fit and don’t plan on signing early, contact us for some help. We know which schools are still looking and who has scholarship money left.

If you would like to find out if you can swim in college and at what level, go to www.ACCrecruits and submit a Free Profile.



ACC is a SwimSwam ad partner. Learn more about ACC and their entire team here. 

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